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A 360-degree security solution

All the features to power and protect your business.

No credit card required. Free is free.

Group Sharing is the ultimate in ease, privacy, and control

Securely share passwords with individuals or groups for easy onboarding and total privacy control. Manage employee permissions from the Admin Console, and rest assured all data is end-to-end encrypted.

Features that support teams and admins

Easily create strong passwords

Easily create strong passwords

Create and update complex passwords with our Password Generator and Password Changer.

Keep teams moving with auto-login and autofill

Keep teams moving with auto-login and autofill

Automatically populate passwords, addresses, and other data with greater accuracy.

Access passwords and data anywhere

Access passwords and data anywhere

Sync Dashlane across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, or our web app.

Separate, secure spaces for business and personal

Securely store business and personal data in separate Smart Spaces™ within one account. Admins can monitor password reuse and regulate data in an employee’s Business Space without compromising the privacy of their Personal Space.

Your choice of two-factor authentication

As FIDO Alliance® members, Dashlane supports U2F YubiKeys, mobile authenticators and other U2F security keys.

Oversight, without the overhead

Our Admin Console lets you easily invite team members, manage permissions, and monitor security issues. Gain ultimate control and privacy, without adding time to your day.

Try Dashlane for your business

Dashlane Business

Looking to talk to someone before you start a trial? Contact us.

  • All the benefits of Premium (excluding VPN)
  • Smart Spaces™ for work and personal data
  • Admin Console for user and policy management
  • Secure password sharing with groups
  • Seamless provisioning and deployment
  • Added security with 2FA integration
  • Customer Success Manager (for 50+ users)

Looking to talk to someone before you start a trial? Contact us.