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Authentication and access that's simpler and more secure

Use Confidential SSO & Provisioning to deploy Dashlane across your organization and enable employees to access their Dashlane vaults with a single SSO credential.

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Get enterprise-wide access & security with Confidential SSO & Provisioning


Enterprise-level security

Ensures sensitive information remains encrypted and confidential, even during processing in cloud environments.


Easy setup & maintenance

Conveniently integrates with leading Identity Provider solutions and enables admins to automate user provisioning, deprovisioning, and management.


Easier employee adoption

Streamlines employee logins by easily enabling them to access Dashlane with the same set of credentials they use to access their work-related apps.


Private & secure

Confidential computing creates a trusted space for processing sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access or tampering.

Powerful features that benefit every part of the organization

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Security & privacy for businesses

Safeguard all your organization’s credentials and customer information with enterprise-level privacy and protection across SSO and non-SSO apps.

Easy deployment for IT admins

Admins can seamlessly integrate these features with any leading Identity Provider solution (such as Azure, Okta, and Google Workspace) and use them to automate Dashlane management and user access.

Simplified employee access

Employees can easily access their Dashlane vaults the same way they access other work-related apps—with their SSO credentials. No Master Password required. 

How Dashlane Confidential SSO & Provisioning work

Confidential SSO & Provisioning seamlessly integrate with the company’s Identity Provider (IdP) to give employees easy access to their Dashlane vaults and enable admins to automate Dashlane user provisioning, deprovisioning, and management.


To access Dashlane, an employee logs in to the company’s SSO, and it authenticates to the IdP.


The employee’s application then forwards the proof of identity from the IdP to Confidential SSO to unlock the employee’s vault.


This allows the employee to securely log in to Dashlane and use it to log in to work-related apps and sites.

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