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Why Improving Password Management Matters

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Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that all employees are only accessing the accounts and data they need. A password manager adds an extra layer of protection to your IAM strategy by identifying and mitigating the risks of vulnerable passwords.

Use this customizable deck when you’re making a security presentation. You can share it with your employees or CISO and other security leaders to:

  • Help them understand why IAM is an integral component of a security strategy

  • Show how IAM and a password manager together protect your organization from threats

  • Demonstrate how Dashlane makes password management easy for admins and employee

⁠Mitigate your risks by securing access to critical accounts and data with a password manager.

Download the deck

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Why Choose Dashlane Business?

Why Choose Dashlane Business?

Dashlane Business offers powerful password protection to secure your weakest link: employee passwords.