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Password protection for your entire enterprise

Protect every employee with the comprehensive password manager that integrates with your existing security infrastructure.

Complete credential protection

Intuitive password management meets reliable workforce access for your entire enterprise.


Autofill passwords: Log in immediately and reliably every time


Password Generator: Automatically create and save strong, unique passwords


Passkeys: Try a faster and more secure way to log in to all your accounts


Secure sharing: Share account access and encrypted info safely

This image is a screenshot of Dashlane’s autofill in action.

Seamless integrations and deployment

Dashlane centralizes password management in one tool that integrates with your security stack, consolidates data, and is easy to deploy to all employees.


Mass deployment: Enjoy fast, enterprise-wide deployment and rollout


Confidential SSO & SCIM Provisioning: Get simpler provisioning and access


SIEM integration: See credential activity alongside other important data

This image shows a screenshot of the Admin Console’s integrations section, focusing on our Confidential SSO integration.

Protect your enterprise today

Intuitive admin tools

Our platform is simple to set up and customize for your organization’s unique requirements.


Customizable policies: Enforce security settings and password policies


Role-based access: Set specific access and delegate responsibilities


Activity Logs: Monitor company-wide credential activity

This image shows a screenshot of Dashlane’s Activity Logs.

Proactive protection

We alert you and employees of compromised credentials while providing an organization-wide Password Health score you can track over time.


Phishing alerts: Get real-time warnings for phishing resistance


Dark Web Monitoring & Insights: Proactively monitor for compromised passwords


Password Health: Track your organization’s credential security

This image shows a screenshot of Dashlane’s Dark Web Insights tool.

Patented, trusted security

Dashlane is built from the ground up on security, using the strongest encryption available to protect your valuable data.


Zero-knowledge security: Discover the patented security architecture that protects business data


Trust and compliance: Learn the procedures, controls, and compliance keeping enterprises safe

This image highlights two compliance badges, showing that Dashlane is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Easy-to-use, enterprise-wide security


Support for large organizations

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Complete coverage: Get holistic credential management for each employee


Easy roll-out: Mass deploy the extension in minutes


Unlimited: Get unlimited group and Collection sharing, plus unlimited password and passkey storage


Evidence-based ROI: Watch your organization’s Password Health score increase, and get detailed Activity Logs


Proactive protection: Set advanced security policies, and enjoy real-time phishing alerts and Dark Web Insights


Seamless integrations: Integrate with your single sign-on (SSO), SCIM provisioning, and SIEM tool providers


Specialized support: Get access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Onboarding Support Specialists, and Onboarding Technical Engineers, plus phone support

This colored illustration shows a lock and other password-related elements.

Total protection. One flat rate.

Get in touch to learn how Dashlane’s Site License Program streamlines deployment, secures your entire org, and reduces IT support overhead.

This colored illustration shows the silhouette of a face and chat message shapes, representing dedicated support for Enterprise customers.

Dedicated support when you need it

With an Enterprise plan, enjoy access to your own Customer Success Manager and our team of Onboarding Specialists.

The security solution loved by enterprises

There’s a reason Dashlane is leading the way as the credential and password manager for enterprises and large organizations.

A red and white graphic of G2’s “Leader” badge that Dashlane was awarded in spring 2024
A red, white, and blue graphic of G2’s “Most Implementable - Enterprise” badge that Dashlane was awarded in spring 2024
Easiest to Use Badge 2024 Spring
A red, blue, and white graphic of G2’s “Fastest Implementation - Enterprise” badge that Dashlane was awarded in spring 2024

See why these organizations chose Dashlane

Mercy Medical logo

“Dashlane helped us enhance our security posture, but even more importantly, it helped our employees perceive cybersecurity differently and feel like they’re part of the solution”

Gabe Kimbrough
Chief Information Security Officer, Mercy Medical Cedar Rapids
Buena Vista University logo

"Whether someone's leaving the organization or going on vacation and needs to share passwords, Dashlane helps us initiate important conversations on business continuity and succession planning."

Joe McLain
CIO, Buena Vista University

“The right password management solution would not only help us work more efficiently, it would also support our financial wellbeing by safeguarding our information and our customers’ data.”

Jeff Marmins
CEO, SolarQuote

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