The only secure digital wallet
that’s universally accepted.

Securely store your payment types in Dashlane’s online wallet. Get express checkout and flawless form filling everywhere you shop online. Automatically capture receipts of all your purchases. Always have your digital wallet on you, and never have to store your credit cards on sites that you don't completely trust.

Store any and all
payment types.

Credit cards, debit cards, bank info, PayPal… pay any way you like using your online wallet.

Digital Wallet Payment Management
Automatically Save Receipts in Your Digital Wallet

Dashlane automatically saves receipts & screenshots of your purchases.

Store itemized receipts of any purchase in your digital wallet, with screenshots to know exactly where you’ve been shopping.

Mobile Digital Wallet

Your wallet deserves
to be mobile, too.

Take your payment info with you wherever you go,
and keep it away from prying eyes with our
auto-locking and encrypted digital wallet.

Digital Wallet on Mobile Device

security on
every device.


AES-256 encryption, your own private master password, and auto-lock that encrypts your data if you lose your device.

See how

Accepted on
every website.

No more wondering if your favorite shopping website accepts your digital wallet. Dashlane autofills your payment info on all sites.

Online wallet

Smarter than just your card numbers.

Link cards to billing addresses. Get notified when they are going to expire. Leave the remembering to Dashlane’s online wallet.


Encrypted & secured with a Master Password & PIN

Works on every website, today

Get itemized receipts of all your purchases

Get express checkout everywhere

Sync your digital wallet across all your devices

The Others

Just a pin code. And who can't crack that?

Awaiting acceptance, one merchant at a time

You'll have to get another app for that

Only where they're accepted

Limited access or single platform

"Dashlane makes its own receipt and takes screenshots of each step of the transaction for your records, all of which is easily accessible on your dash."
- My Bank Tracker
iOS - digital wallet

Get Dashlane on your smartphone, and
safely carry your data
wherever you go.

iOS  Android
Android - digital wallet
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