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It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is a great time to strengthen your weakest links: passwords. Dashlane Password Manager protects your data 24/7 and gives you the ultimate privacy, all in one easy-to-use solution.

Anytime, anywhere, and any way you log in, Dashlane Password Manager has you covered.

Why Dashlane?

Industry-leading security

We've never been breached and use AES-256 encryption, the strongest method there is.

Easy to use

Our simple tools for securing and monitoring your passwords were designed with humans in mind.


Our zero-knowledge system means you're the only one who can access your passwords & personal data.

Simple password management & a whole lot more


Peace of mind

It's like putting your passwords in a safety deposit box—our zero-knowledge system means only you can access them with your key.



Our unique algorithm ranks your logins to give you a Password Health Score & easy ways to improve it.



Our articles, videos, and tips help you get started and stay safe online—check out a few of them below.

What customers are saying

I’ve used Dashlane since 2017. I’ve introduced it to my family and at three different universities. I absolutely love it.

— Joe McLain, CIO, Buena Vista University

Employees’ professional and personal lives run a little smoother with Dashlane. People love how Dashlane simplifies once tedious day-to-day processes.

— Gabe Kimbrough, Chief Information Security Officer, Mercy Medical Cedar Rapids

Get the scoop on password security

Stay safe on & off the clock

The internet touches much more of our lives than we realize. And unfortunately, cybersecurity concerns don't end when work is over for the day. Check out our Security & Privacy When You're Off the Clock guide for a personal security checklist and more tools to help you stay safe 24/7.

Get answers to five password manager FAQs

Password Management 101 is now in session. Read our Employee Guide to How Password Managers Work to get answers to questions like "Can Dashlane see my data?" and "Why is saving passwords in my browser a bad idea?" from one of our security experts.

Get a snapshot of cybersecurity habits across the globe

Introducing our first-ever Global Look at Password Health Report, which breaks down Dashlane users Password Health Scores around the world.

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