Secure, convenient access from anywhere, any device

Dashlane Business is trusted by 6,000+ companies to create, enforce, and track effective access management.

Start a free 30 day trial For up to 30 users

Manage logins simply and securely

Start a free 30 day trial for up to 30 employees. Deploy in seconds. Improve the password strength of your business by 30% within 30 days.

Centralized Admin Console

Easily manage employee access, customize company-wide policy settings, and review employee security dashboard to highlight vulnerabilities and poor password habits

Secure auto-login

Auto-login and autofill of employees’ saved credentials increases productivity and decreases password reset calls, removing barriers to using unique and randomly generated passwords

Smart Space Management™

Keep business and personal credentials separate while simplifying provisioning and deprovisioning to prevent redundancy and unauthorized access

Platform-native applications

Sync data across Mac, Windows, Android and iOS apps to ensure access and secure BYOD and mobile work environments

Start a free 30 day trial For up to 30 users

Getting Started

Get started with Dashlane Business in three simple steps.

Account Creation

Create your account

An email and Master Password is all you need to get started.

Invite employees

Invite employees

Invite up to 30 people to try Dashlane Business free for 30 days.

Download Dashlane

Download Dashlane

Sign in to the app. Save passwords and other items to your work or personal space.

Patented security architecture

A unique, two-key system separates the encryption and authentication processes, protecting users from both internal and external attacks. This makes Dashlane Business a zero-knowledge interface with end-to-end encryption for all saved and shared data. Create an additional layer of security by enabling 2FA—including an exclusive integration with U2F—to authorize a new device or for each login.

Dashlane Shield


See why Dashlane Business is right for your business.

Start a free 30 day trial For up to 30 users
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