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Why We Localize Dashlane

Originally published:|Last updated:|Alexandra Dumitriu

Making security simple for people and businesses everywhere is Dashlane’s mission, which means speaking their languages and communicating in a way they can understand. With approximately 35% of our customers using the Dashlane app in languages other than English, taking language and cultural differences into account is part of how we build globally accessible products. 

Dashlane started its product localization journey more than seven years ago. Today, we have a localization workflow integrated into the development process, which provides a fully localized experience for our customers.

Localization vs. translation

Localization is the process of adapting the Dashlane product to a specific market. It aims to provide a password manager that looks and feels like it has been specifically developed for a specific market. Translation is only one part of our localization process.

For example, a few years ago, we sent a newsletter to our customers worldwide that mentioned winter coming, despite the fact that summer was coming for the southern hemisphere. We translated the newsletter into all our languages, but it wasn’t localized to our customers’ realities. We’re learning, adapting, and improving every day.

Who we are

The localization team at Dashlane consists of one localization specialist: me. Officially, I am part of the design team, and this makes a huge difference in how we view localization here at Dashlane; it’s part of the design and development process, not just an afterthought. Also, I have the constant support of the UX writing and development teams. 

For our translation needs, we work with a team of linguists who understand the importance of clear communication and are experts in their field. 

We also benefit from a global Dashlane workforce; as a group, we speak around 20 languages and often provide feedback that helps with translation quality. 

Languages supported

Our password manager—the app for iOS, Android, and the web—is now fully translated into 10 languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

We provide localized French and German Help Center and blog content, as well as localized French, German, and Spanish customer support.

Our Youtube channel, where you can find informative videos about the Dashlane product, provides localized captions in French, German, and Spanish.

Finally, the Dashlane website is localized for 11 languages, adding one additional language to those found in the product—European Portuguese. 

How to access Dashlane in a different language

After downloading Dashlane, the app defaults to your device's default language settings. If you use your computer or cell phone in Swedish, Dashlane will show up in Swedish. If you use your device in an unsupported language, Dashlane will either show up in your second default language (if supported) or default to English.

GIF of a computer monitor, tablet, smartphone, and laptop screen with the Dashlane logo, followed by the Dashlane Password Manager user interface.

What the future brings

While Dashlane continues to scale as an organization, we will keep working to develop a well-localized product that enables a seamless customer experience regardless of location. As a commitment to that, we plan to improve our localizations’ quality through extensive product testing. To make security simple for people and businesses everywhere, we won’t ever stop improving Dashlane.

 Check our progress by using Dashlane Password Manager in your preferred language.

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