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Life Is Too Short to Let Logins Slow You Down

  |  Dashlane

Why are people everywhere adopting password managers? Just this year, Dashlane was recommended by Time, People Magazine, CNBC, and USA Today. WIRED named us Best Full-Featured Password Manager, and with 50,000 five-star reviews and counting, we've been making the internet safer, speedier, and a lot less stressful for over 14 million users around the world. Here’s how:

We often hear from people that they’re using Apple Keychain or Chrome, so why bother with a password manager? The difference is Dashlane works everywhere. You take your passwords with you wherever you go—whether on your PC at work, your Mac at home, or your Android or iPhone. All devices and browsers. No silos. No duplicates.

Think of Dashlane as your internet shortcut. It centralizes all your accounts in one encrypted (super safe!) place and autofills your passwords across the web—making every website go open sesame.

And all those confusing requirements and special characters? Don’t even worry about it. Dashlane generates strong passwords for you and autosaves them alongside your login details.

But it’s about more than just convenience, because Dashlane also watches out for you online. We’ll send you a security alert if you hold an account with a company that gets breached, plus we monitor the dark web and immediately notify you if your information ever shows up there.

If you’re ready to internet unstoppably, you’re ready for Dashlane.

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