Instant security alerts

Instant alerts if one of your accounts are compromised or at risk.

Stay informed and in control with alerts on all your devices.


of data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords.

Enjoy peace of mind with custom alerts designed you keep your digital identity safe.

Constant security monitoring.

Monitoring starts the moment you securely store your first password. The more passwords you store in our password manager, the safer you are.

Constant security monitoring

See all accounts affected by a breach.

In the event of a breach, see the account that is directly affected, plus other passwords that are impacted. Then, use Dashlane's Password Changer to protect your compromised accounts.

Security Dashboard

In a time where you hear almost every week of another data/security breach (or worse yet, one that happened years ago, but they're just now letting us know), it gives me great peace of mind. I get tired of having to keep track of so many passwords necessary for the digital life. Dashlane to the rescue.

– R. Fitzwater

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