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Dashlane Enhances Security with SIEM Integration & Confidential Computing

  |  Mahnaz Majeed

Dashlane now offers a streamlined way to monitor user activity data with a one-click integration for Splunk, a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool. This secure integration allows admins to access Dashlane's Activity Logs directly in Splunk alongside other security data.

SIEM integration with Dashlane

Credential and access management data often exist in silos across apps and devices, preventing a holistic view of user activity within the broader IT infrastructure. Our SIEM integration bridges that gap, allowing admins to seamlessly view Dashlane's credential activity logs alongside SIEM data from other SaaS apps, devices, servers, and users within a centralized platform. This comprehensive view allows them to make informed decisions about access privileges, empowering proactive risk mitigation and faster response times when dealing with potential credential-related threats.

Integrating Dashlane with a SIEM tool, such as Splunk, eliminates the need to switch between different platforms to view relevant security data. This makes it easier for admins to:

  • Monitor suspicious activity: Admins can access Dashlane credential data through their SIEM tool to make informed decisions about access privileges based on activity including: Suspicious logins from unrecognized devices, unusual deletion of credentials or sharing attempts outside the organization, and irregular 2-factor authentication attempts. This visibility allows IT teams to take swift action to secure compromised accounts before they become a problem. 
  • Set up alerts and get actionable insights: Admins can gain deeper insights from Dashlane's credential activity logs by configuring their SIEM tool to trigger alerts for suspicious activity. This way, security teams can take immediate action—like revoking access rights to safeguard the organization from potential security breaches. Admins can leverage SIEM alerts to identify unusual user behavior, set up automated responses, and proactively mitigate risks associated with potential breaches.
Screenshot of Dashlane’s Admin Console showing the Splunk integration setup process.

Enhanced protection with confidential computing

When we say we care about your data privacy, we mean it: Dashlane is the first credential manager to go beyond standard security measures and use confidential computing to protect your Activity Logs and events reporting data. 

How does it work? In short, confidential computing creates a special, isolated place—called an enclave—for processing sensitive data with the highest level of security. Dashlane uses confidential computing to encrypt Activity Logs—and we’re leveraging that same enclave to keep all your events reporting data securely encrypted while it’s processed for our SIEM integration. This gives you enhanced protection with the Dashlane ease of use you know and love.

Our SIEM integration with Splunk is easy and can be completed in one click, empowering IT and security teams to bridge the gap between Dashlane's credential management data and broader security monitoring tools. The integration is available immediately for all Dashlane Business customers.

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