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New to the Web App: A Redesigned Sharing Center

  |  Dashlane

We’re excited to roll out a redesigned Sharing Center as part of our ongoing migration to a web-first experience. The feature will be available to all customers in the web app over the coming days.

We know it’s important for you to easily and securely share passwords, Secure Notes, payment information, and 2FA codes. We also know it’s important for you to easily keep track of what you’ve previously shared—and with who. Which is why we made a few key improvements to the Sharing Center you’ll find in your web app, including:  

  • More reliable sync so note and password sharing requests are sent and received instantly 
  • A more intuitive design to both send and receive sharing requests 
  • Improved layout to separate group and individual sharing (Group Sharing is currently only available on our Dashlane Business and Team plans) 

Tips to get the most out of the Sharing Center 

  1. Save everything in Dashlane: If a password shared through Dashlane is changed, either manually or with our new Password Changer, it will update for everyone. The more you have saved and shared, the less often you’ll find yourself with outdated passwords because somebody else reset it. 
  1. Use groups to keep things neat and tidy: If you’re on a Dashlane Team or Business plan, group sharing is a great tool to facilitate new hire onboarding and ensure all employees in a functional role have access to the right accounts.  
  1. Adjust permissions as needed: One of the biggest differences in sharing a password through Dashlane instead of in a spreadsheet, chat app, text message, or email is that you are always in control. Whether you need to change that shared password in a click with Password Changer, share passwords with a freelancer or consultant, or a colleague leaves the company, the Sharing Center makes it simple to adjust access.  

What’s next for sharing  

Sharing is a key component of the Dashlane experience and one we are committed to continually improving. Next up, we plan on improving the sharing experience for our business customers by making individual and Group Sharing an easier and more integrated part of employee onboarding and offboarding. Stay tuned! 

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