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Dashlane and the Reddit Password Manager Community

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Review sites are great, but one place that almost always has the inside scoop in real-time is Reddit. Thousands of people turn to Reddit each day for honest product reviews, celebrity gossip, and life’s greatest questions. Dashlane is proud to have a strong and active Reddit community. Our devs and support teams keep a close eye on our subreddit so we can jump in and answer questions as they come up. And recommendations from Reddit’s password manager enthusiasts help us implement new features that people want to see.

Why r/Dashlane is a great resource 

Reddit has become a trusted site for honest, unbiased user reviews. Anyone can create an account and leave positive or constructive feedback about everything from products to media to their favorite ramen restaurant down the street. So it’s no surprise that when breaches and hacks have people looking to switch their password manager or try one for the first time, they turn to Reddit to help them decide.

With the layout of Reddit threads, it’s easy to see how long ago a post was made. This means it’s easy to search and sort by recent comments and posts, so you know you’re getting up-to-date advice and feedback on current features. The Reddit password manager community is a knowledgeable one, and we love seeing Redditors offering up their own tips and tricks!

When you ask questions in the subreddit, not only are you getting the help of other Redditors who are seasoned Dashlane users, but you’ll also hear from our product managers, engineers, execs, developers, Customer Support Team members, and our Community Manager, who all keep an eye on posts and feedback. 

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Positive impacts & what Redditors have to say

Dashlane aims to be the best password manager for Reddit users. We’re always tuned into the conversation so we can help out where needed and share feedback as it comes up. While there will always be some challenges as both Dashlane and our users work through different issues and preferences, the overall tone that Reddit has for Dashlane is positive—and we love to see our customers happy! But we also appreciate the constructive feedback, and we take it back to our product designers and devs so we can make the improvements that people want to see. A few of these popular improvements include:

  • Linked websites: Add multiple websites and subdomains to one set of logins saved in Dashlane. Linking related websites ensures Dashlane recognizes that the websites are related and autofills the right logins.
  • Bulk delete for logins: Organize your vault faster in the web app by selecting multiple logins to delete all at once. 
  • Autofill from the right-click menu: If Dashlane doesn’t recognize the field you want to autofill on a website, you can right-click in any text field, select Dashlane, then select the information you need.
  • Custom categories for organizing logins: With our newly updated custom categories feature, you can now create custom categories for vault items. 

Here’s what a few Redditors had to say about Dashlane:

u/Hellavik: I love how dashlane beats [their] competition. I have been with them for years after using lastpass for a year. Hands down greatest piece of software…Support is super great, UI is great, autofill is kind of sublime. 

u/Snyders6flagmattress: Switched from Last Pass a day ago - LOVING IT SO FAR! The autofill crushes Last Pass, the import of the .c[s]v file was flawless and the intuitive interface is exactly what I was hoping for…

u/flipmykillswitch: …After 2.5 years of using this platform and watching the rollout of various features and enhancements across devices, it's the most secure, feature rich and more stable SSO password app on the market IMHO! There's a reason 72k people rated it, on the IOS app store, averaging 4.8 stars!

Our goal is always for customers to walk away feeling confident that their issue is being worked on and will be resolved—we’ll either drop the information right in the thread or connect you with our Customer Support team when we need more information to create a ticket. 

Thank you all for posting, upvoting, tuning in for our AMAs, and continuing to share thoughts and feedback to help make Dashlane a Reddit password manager of choice! Anyone can join the conversation over on the Dashlane subreddit. See you there!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to try Dashlane, you can get started with a personal account today or claim a free trial for your business.

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