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Cybersecurity Q&A with Sprinto’s Co-Founder Girish Redekar

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Girish Redekar, co-founder of Sprinto, has a passion for making security compliance accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. We recently sat down with him to chat about his career in tech and cybersecurity and the trends he’s seeing in these fields.

Read the highlights of our interview below, and for more of his insights into cybersecurity and compliance, check out our upcoming webinar, “Staying Ahead of Evolving Regulations in Cybersecurity.” To learn more about webinar co-presenter Davison Paull, Dashlane’s General Counsel, check out his earlier Q&A.

Q: How did you get your start in cybersecurity/tech?

GR: Accidentally. I never planned to do a tech/cyber startup—until I actually did. It happened because my co-founder and I experienced a problem and felt that there should be a better way to solve it. I have done two startups now, and in both cases, I got exposed to the problem area quite incidentally.  

GR: Most people think of cybersecurity as a defensive exercise—as a way to minimize or avoid attacks, data loss, etc. One of the surprising things I realized is that good practitioners think of cybersecurity as a way to enhance their company’s offering. A good cybersecurity posture can help build trust, win partnerships, and help grow the business fearlessly.

GR: “There are so many cyber threats and tools. How do we decide where to invest?”

Q: What’s the most alarming statistic you’ve seen that should make people care more about the future of cybersecurity?

GR: Many security incidents result from third-party risks. This means that you could do everything to keep your house clean, but you are vulnerable if your vendors and partners aren’t adhering to similar standards. Businesses will continue to become more interdependent on other businesses, and we need to collectively uplift the posture across businesses to reduce cyber risks.

Q: How are you contributing to "demystifying" tech tools in your field?

GR: My startup, Sprinto, is committed to making cyber governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tools accessible to all businesses, however small. Running a good GRC practice shouldn’t only be possible for those with big budgets and resources. We want to democratize security and compliance, and give all businesses a “right-to-compete,” even in places that require high cyber scrutiny.

Q: Have you seen any big shifts this year that show people are taking cybersecurity much more seriously?

GR: The shift to AI has definitely got people thinking more seriously about AI’s implications for cybersecurity.

Q: What inspires you most about working at your company today?

GR: Our mission. We are committed to building a trust currency for B2B commerce and making Sprinto synonymous with trustworthy security.

Want to get some more wisdom from Girish, as well as Davison? Check out their webinar, “Staying Ahead of Evolving Regulations in Cybersecurity.”

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