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You Asked, We Answered: Improvements to Password Generator

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Dashlane's Password Generator screen

We built Password Generator to take the guesswork (and legwork) out of creating strong passwords. In addition to accessing Password Generator in your extension, you can generate and save a password directly in the form field of the website you’re creating a new account for.  

However, we know that in the past these auto-generated passwords have not always met website requirements. This meant you had to compromise on convenience by taking those extra steps to navigate to the Password Generator in your extension; or, you may have compromised on security by typing in a compatible—but not very strong—password in the field. With our latest improvements, you no longer have to compromise on either. 

More customizable, convenient, and secure 

While you’ve always been able to customize password generation settings within the extension, this wasn’t possible within the actual form field—until now.  

We're rolling out new improvements to Password Generator that let you: 

  • View and refresh the auto-generated password  
  • Change the generation settings for the new password directly in the web card 

Additionally, we’ve updated the parameters that you can customize. Before, we had a variety of symbols (32 to be exact!) that weren’t compatible with many website requirements. Using Apple’s open-source data on website password requirements, we narrowed down our available symbols to the six most used. This means that you can still enjoy a super secure password, while knowing the auto-generated password will meet website requirements.  

Quick tip: how to view your Password Generator history 

Did you know you can view the last 20 passwords you generated right from your extension? Simply navigate to the Password Generator tab and click Show history next to the Copy button.  

What’s next?  

These improvements not only up the convenience for you, but they also ensure you’re always getting the most secure password possible. And we’ll continue to improve Dashlane’s features so that your needs are addressed in the simplest—and most secure—way.  

Want to give it a shot?

Give our new, secure password generator a try.

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