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8 Tips to Help Scale and Manage Your Engineering Team

  |  Frederic Rivain

At Dashlane, we want to offer the best for our users and relentlessly keep improving our product for all. To achieve this ambition, we need recruit the best talent to join our Engineering team. However, scaling an Engineering team is not a simple task.

There are many risks associated with growing your Engineering team and company that you need to anticipate: increased costs and complexity of the organization, heavy processes and bureaucracy, reduced productivity because you did not prepare well enough for such rapid growth, a weaker product because of communication and friction, a breakdown of the existing culture, etc.

Beware of growing too quickly!

To best avoid these growth issues, I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation with a series of tips and tricks I’ve learned from my past experiences. I’ve divided my tips into the following sections:

– Hiring: How to build an efficient hiring pipeline
– Growing the people: How to take care of your team members
– Management: Training your ex-lead developers to become effective managers
– Culture: Evaluating your company’s culture, values, and happiness
– Team Structure: Selecting and structuring your teams
– Technical Practices: Establishing strong foundations to build upon
– Project Management: Expanding your agile practices in a lean way
– Communication: Enforcing cross-communication and scaling the feedback loop

I’d love to know about your own experience with scaling your engineering team in the comments below!

And of course, we’re always looking for talented developers to join our team! Apply today!

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