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Stop Starting Start Finishing

  |  Frederic Rivain

Henrik Kniberg from Crisp is one of my favorite blog writer and author in the field of Agile and Organization. A lot of his work has been a huge inspiration to me.

I recently shared with the Dashlane team a summary of Henrik’s slides called “Stop Starting. Start Finishing”. These offer great tips on how to improve your life by better organizing your time, both at work and in your personal life. Kniberg’s tips are highly visual and put things in perspective with Agile and Lean principles :

– Getting things done: avoid the syndrome of running in a hamster wheel, by splitting up your work and tracking progress of the things you have done.
– Kanban limits of work in progress and avoid multi-tasking: restrict the number of subjects you tackle simultaneously. It will ensure better focus and improve your delivery time.
– Maximize output: define your value filters so that you can prioritize properly, and know when not to do something (say No or trash it)
– Retrospectives: take some personal time for your own retrospective. Step back from the rush, give yourself some slack.
– Improve your Life: once you manage to free some time, you can decide how to spend it and be happier.


A must read for better time management and improved organizational skills.

Below is my summary, or you can get the full version on the Crisp Blog.

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