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Store and Manage Developer Secrets in the Dashlane Vault

|Mahnaz Majeed

While passwords guard our personal and professional accounts, machine identities rely on developer secrets. Secrets are the digital keys that grant humans and machines authorized access to other machines and sensitive data. Thus, secrets unlock databases for admins and enable seamless app interactions.

Unfortunately, if these powerful secrets are leaked, they can divulge sensitive information exposed in plain text files, buried within app code, or scribbled on sticky notes. This can lead to various vulnerabilities, such as data breaches, stolen identities, and financial losses—all potentially triggered by a single exposed secret.

How to protect developer secrets with Dashlane

Dashlane is stepping up to protect developer secrets for all Business plan users. Our new vault item, Secrets, allows users to store infrastructure secrets in the Dashlane vault—all safely encrypted. Dashlane offers a user-friendly interface to store and access secrets, share them with other employees, and manage full or limited rights permissions.

With Dashlane, users can store and manage secrets in a secure, controlled environment, replacing unsecured storage methods and the hassle of moving secrets into an encrypted vault.

The Secrets vault in the Dashlane product. The product text reads, “Keep secrets safe. Add, manage, and share infrastructure secrets here—like SSH keys and RSA keys.” A button with a plus sign says “Add new.”

This new Business plan capability benefits IT admins and developers alike. You can now centralize the storage of sensitive information such as API keys, database passwords, encryption keys, access tokens, and private certificates, which helps control secrets through business policies and permissions.

Take control by securing your systems and data with Dashlane. Reach out to our experts to get started.

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