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Dashlane Team Breakfasts and Office Life Events

  |  Frederic Rivain

Before I joined Dashlane, I worked at a company that had a team located in Malta. The Maltese like to cook, share food, and eat. As such, they started a tradition: From time to time, members of the team from Malta would prepare different homemade Maltese breakfast specialties, from pastries, to pizzas, bacon, and different juices, and share it with the rest of the team. It was a great ritual that everyone enjoyed and helped the team bond together over delicious food.

So when I joined Dashlane, I imported that tradition.

Every month, one team is in charge of cooking breakfast for the Paris office. Teams often pick themes to make things more fun, and so far, we’ve been lucky to discover and enjoy exotic dishes from different parts of the world, including dishes from India and Lebanon.

These breakfasts are a big part of our office life. They’re one of the many things we do to nurture a vibrant office spirit and make Dashlane a great place to work. Having traditions of sharing and giving is a great way for teammates to show that they care for each other, to share good moments together, and ensure an inclusive and friendly place to work. It doesn’t require a lot of organization, because each team does it on their own, but the impact is real. These events are also a great way to socialize with Dashlane newcomers.

We have a small group of self-appointed volunteers called “The Happiness Squad.” They meet regularly, brainstorm, and work on ideas to continually improve our office. From organizing holiday parties, birthday celebrations, team building activities, game tournaments, sport events, charity events, and many more, they help us encourage meaningful relationships between teammates and happiness and fulfillment in the workplace. The squad is very active and instill a spirit that anyone who wants to contribute to something can do it (e.g board games, theater improvisation, wine tasting session, etc.). It’s a virtuous circle for the whole team, and we’re all lucky recipients of their hard work and commitment.

Happiness at Work
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