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Dashlane Offers Free Password Protection to Political Campaigns and Elected Officials

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Dashlane is providing campaign workers free Dashlane Premium to protect their sensitive data and accounts during the campaign cycle. Dashlane Premium will provide these teams with a robust first line of defense against an ever-growing list of cybersecurity threats.

[To redeem the offer, please go to the bottom of this post and click the link to send us an email with the relevant information.]

Under Attack

In the 15 months following the 2016 Presidential Election, Dashlane held a series of meetings with senior figures from both political parties to evaluate their greatest cybersecurity challenges. These off-the-record discussions revealed staggering levels of frustration at the lack of guidance and tools they’ve been provided to secure their accounts.

“Political campaigns and offices are among the most targeted and vulnerable groups when it comes to cybersecurity threats,” says Emmanuel Schalit, CEO at Dashlane. “Political candidates are influential and polarizing public figures. This fact, combined with the unique challenge they have managing high-turnover staffs, creates a litany of cybersecurity challenges for which they’ve been provided almost no solutions.”

Passwords: The First Line of Defense

According to Dashlane’s findings, the average internet user has 150 online accounts that require a password. For maximum security, this means she would need to memorize 150 unique, complex passwords, and change them often.

Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 81% of hacking-related breaches succeeded through stolen and weak passwords. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that 81% of the public reported using the same password for more than one account.

These numbers quantify the value of passwords as the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Weak and reused passwords, along with poor organizational password management, create open doors for hackers who wish to target elected officials.

Campaigns face the additional challenge of having higher and more continuous staff turnover when compared with businesses. As turnover is one of the primary causes of losing control over account access in an organization, campaigns must secure everyone on the team to stay safe.

Premium Protection

Dashlane Premium offers campaigns world-class security in a simple, award-winning user experience.

Starting February 22, Dashlane Premium will be free for 1-year for campaign workers and political staffers. The 1-year offer provides campaigns protection through their primaries (March – August), the general election (November 6), as well as the post-election transition period.

Additional details:


  • Offer valid for new and current Dashlane users
  • Offer valid in the United States and its territories only
    • Campaign Workers: May be a paid employee or campaign volunteer. This includes all political organizations
    • Political Staff: Must be a paid employee of a public office holder


  • Offer open to all political parties
  • Dashlane does not employ or retain registered lobbyists in any local, state, or federal jurisdictions

1-Year of Premium:

  • Recipients receive 1-year of Dashlane Premium for free ($39.99 value)
  • Interested parties are encouraged to review their jurisdiction’s official regulations to confirm compliance with applicable gifting rules


All interested parties must apply with an official email account and will be screened by Dashlane Security to ensure they are legitimately affiliated

To Redeem the Free Dashlane Premium Offer:

To redeem our offer send an email to our team with this link and provide the following information:

  1. NAME
  2. TITLE
  3. EMAIL
  5. # of Dashlane Premium accounts requested

All submissions will be reviewed by Dashlane security to ensure they are legitimately affiliated. Failure to provide all of the requested information will result in disqualification.

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