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Connect to Dashlane Using Our CLI Capability

  |  Mahnaz Majeed

In software development, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) are essential for efficient and controlled workflows. CLIs have long been a favorite tool for developers, offering a text-based interface to help users streamline their workflows.

Let’s explore how using a CLI benefits IT admins, advanced users, and developers and review the advantages of using a CLI with Dashlane or another password manager.

  • More control: IT admins can use a CLI to automate repetitive tasks or create scripts to perform cron jobs or server-side operations.
  • Remote management: CLIs enable access in nonvisual environments, such as Continuous Integration (CI) servers or devices without screens or Graphic User Interface (GUI) resources.
  • Faster system interaction: Advanced users can access Dashlane without relying on a desktop environment and access vault items without accessing the browser extension. They can directly query Dashlane API and access and copy vault items, such as logins, Secure Notes, and SSH keys.
  • Access to vault data: With the CLI, users can have read-only access to their password manager's vault data. Admins can connect to remote machines with SSH and browse and retrieve passwords or Secure Notes without accessing the browser extension.
  • Enhanced security: Developers can benefit from using CLIs with password managers to secure their login process. The CLI supports login with email tokens, one-time passwords (OTP), and even the authenticator app, providing an additional layer of security for accessing sensitive information.

With Dashlane's CLI, IT admins, advanced users, and developers can streamline their workflows, improve their security practices, and ultimately boost their productivity.

Ready to get started with Dashlane's CLI? Here are step-by-step instructions to move ahead:

Learn more about our CLI capabilities and developer resources on GitHub.

Check out our Help Center article to learn more.

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