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Why Does Your Business Need a Password Manager? Ask a U.S. Bank (Part I)

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Why does your business need a password manager?

A password manager is the best way to help your business:

  • Eliminate password reuse
  • Improve employee security behavior, and
  • Protect access to accounts containing sensitive company and customer information

A U.S. bank has had tremendous success using our business password manager to not only curb reuse, but to change the security behavior of employees across the organization at work and at home. Overall, the U.S. bank stated that Dashlane Business made a big difference.

Our security is light-years ahead of where we were before.”
– Ryan, Help Desk Technician at a U.S. bank

We spoke with Ryan, a Help Desk Technician working out of bank headquarters. He discussed why he sought a password solution for his organization and how Dashlane Business has exceeded his expectations as a security tool and earned him kudos from employees and executives for its time-saving powers.

Password Manager as a Solution

Password Written on a Sticky Note

What prompted you to start looking for a password management solution?

A: We’re a financial institution, so we’re always looking at ways to improve our security and secure our workplace. We researched a number of security studies and they indicated that the weakest point in our security was employee passwords. At that point, even though we had identified the issue it wasn’t until the third-party security audit happened that we knew we had to make a change.

Q: Tell us a little more about the security audit. What exactly did they find? What did they recommend?

A: Well, we have auditors come in a few times a year. They walked through the office after hours and noticed notepads filled with passwords in plain sight. They gave us a long, detailed report, and they noted poor password behavior as a top priority for us. Most of our employees would use the same password for everything, or the same couple passwords for everything, and then they would write it on a notepad or save it on a Word doc. Anyone could get that information if they wanted to. And if someone got that information, they would gain access to the personal information of our customers, which is obviously something we don’t want anyone to have access to!

Most of our employees would use the same password for everything. If someone got that information, they would gain access to the personal information of our customers.

Q: How did the executives react to that report?

A: Our executives and our Board of Directors have seen all of the breaches that have been in the news lately. Combined with the auditor’s report, it was clear to them that password behavior was our weakest point, so we decided to tackle that issue first.

Q: So at that point you decided to look at a password manager as a solution?

A: I already used Dashlane personally, so I knew that a password manager would solve the issues we were having from a password reuse and password storage perspective. When we thought about it, we also realized that our employee work-flow would be vastly improved if they had a password manager to help them store and deploy their passwords online.

To recap, the U.S. Bank was able to:

  • Recognize that employee passwords are the weakest point in their security
  • Identify the problem via a security audit — employees were reusing passwords and writing them down in unsafe locations
  • Decide on a password manager as a solution to eliminate reuse, improve employee security behavior, and secure sensitive accounts

But how did the U.S. bank decide which password manager was best?

Read Part II which discusses why the U.S. bank chose Dashlane’s password manager for business to satisfy their password management needs, and how its effects have been far reaching for employees and the business as a whole.

Ready to eliminate poor password behavior and improve the security awareness of your organization? Start a free trial, invite your co-workers, and see for yourself today.

Dashlane Business is a business password manager trusted by 7,000+ companies to create, promote, and track effective access management, and features the only patented security architecture in the industry. 

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