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What’s the Best Password Manager for Your Business? Ask a U.S. Bank (Part II)

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What’s the best password manager for your business?

In Part I, a U.S. bank laid out the blueprint for those wondering whether their business needs a password manager. They were able to (1) recognize that employee passwords were the weakest link in their security, (2) identify the problem — that employees were reusing passwords and storing credentials for sensitive accounts in unsafe locations — and (3) decide that a password manager was the solution to their security problems. Now, they’ll help you uncover the final piece of the puzzle: what’s the best password manager for your business?

The best business password manager:

Ryan, a Help Desk Technician working out of bank headquarters, spoke with us about why Dashlane’s business password manager “was the easy choice,” and how it has improved the security and password behavior of employees and executives alike.

What’s the Best Password Manager for Business?

Best Password Manager? Dashlane

QWhen you were evaluating password managers, what criteria did you use?

A: We took a look at a few password managers, but were able to narrow it down to just two because they had zero-knowledge architecture and stored data locally. Ultimately, it came down down to the user experience. It was really important that we got a tool we knew employees would use. We also evaluated things from a company-level which password manager company did we think was the most innovative and responsive to changes in the market?

Q: And Dashlane Business stood out as the best password manager. Why?

A: From a usability perspective, Dashlane was the easy choice. The other software was clunky. With Dashlane, we felt that anybody could get in there and figure it out in a few seconds. We were also impressed with the strides Dashlane has taken as a company in such short time. Dashlane’s innovation is way ahead of the competition. My boss was also really comfortable entrusting Dashlane’s security architecture, so that helped.

“With Dashlane, we felt that anybody could get in there and figure it out in a few seconds.”

Q: How did that go over with the executives and Board of Directors?

A:  The #1 thing for us was that if you’re trying to incorporate a big change in a company, it needs to be easy to use. And when we pitched it to executives, our biggest selling point was ease-of-use. That’s why we chose Dashlane. We found that it was by far the easiest to use and we expected that our employees would actually use it.

How Does Dashlane Business Help IT and Security?

Best password manager? Dashlane Business

Dashlane Admin Console and Password Manager

Q: Has Dashlane met your expectations?

A: Yes! The extension is great and it makes things easier for our employees. But the main thing, the primary focus, is that employee passwords are stored in an encrypted location, they can view, copy + paste, and can leave notes in there. Secure notes has come in handy for a lot of employees, as well. I’ve been telling them to use Dashlane at home, and I’ve helped a few of them set it up on their home computers. Our security is light-years ahead of where we were before. We no longer have password notepads lying around. That’s a huge plus.

Our security is light-years ahead of where we were before. We no longer have password notepads lying around.”

Q: Can you expand on how Dashlane has improved the security behavior of employees?

A: In the workplace, I’ve heard comments from employees about how Dashlane makes security easier because they don’t need to remember passwords. Dashlane generates and remembers passwords for them. And they love that! We also have a bunch of employees who use it at home. I’ve heard tons of positive feedback.

Q: Why are Dashlane-generated passwords so valuable to you?

A: Most of our employees are generating passwords through Dashlane, and those passwords are longer and unique which means they’re safer. On top of that, it’s actually easier for employees than before, because you don’t need to think about what password you want to use — Dashlane just fills it for you. The biggest thing for us, that Dashlane has fixed and fulfilled, is that we no longer have passwords lying around.

“Employees are generating passwords through Dashlane, and those passwords are longer and unique, which means they’re safer.”

Q: What about password sharing in the office? Has that behavior changed?

A: When we share passwords internally, it’s way safer with Dashlane. We don’t even need to think about it — if someone shares a password, it automatically updates for everyone else who’s shared on it.

How Do Employees and Executives Use Dashlane?

Best password manager? Dashlane Business

Dashlane Syncs Across Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices

Q: What has the feedback been like from employees and executives?

A: Everybody loves the Dashlane extension. Everybody raves about it. Some of them definitely use it at home. We also have employees who use the mobile app on company phones and tablets. The fact that there is a sync feature, they really love that.

“Everybody loves the Dashlane extension. Everybody raves about it.”

Q: How have your employees benefited from Dashlane?

A: Not having to come up with their own passwords. Employees are saved the hassle of trying to think of passwords, or from reusing weak passwords, because they can just generate really strong, unique passwords with the password generator tool. It’s really come in handy.

Q: Would you recommend Dashlane’s Business Password Manager?

A: Absolutely! The main thing is security and the ability to have stronger passwords. But the ease of use is also really important, otherwise no one would bother to use it. No one wants to think up long passwords with numbers and symbols — employees want to reuse old, weak passwords. It’s way more secure when you can use long, 20-character passwords that are unique to each account, and Dashlane makes that really easy for everyone.

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