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2017 dotJS Conference Announced

  |  Guillaume Maron

A few days ago, dotJS – the largest Javascript conference in Europe announced the dates for its 2017 conference, along with dotCSS and dotGo.


Photo credit: dotConferences/Flickr

Dashlane engineers are a big fan of dot conferences. Last year, we attended both the dotJS and dotCSS conferences.

We attended the dotJS 2016 conference and thought the venue–the Dock Pullman in Aubervilliers–was great! We loved everything about the event: great organization, good food, and most importantly, high-quality featured speakers.

The sessions at the 2016 dotJS conference centered around the diversity and the richness of Javascript. Among other things, we learned more about Service Workers, VR in browsers, how to manage changes in Lint rules on big projects, data-model change notification systems in Javascript Framework, and even memory layout of V8 Javascript engine!

Assuming 2017 dotJS even better than last year’s conference, I strongly encourage you to buy tickets now so you can beneficiate from the Super Early Bird prices.

Continuous learning through conferences

Javascript is a fast-paced, changing technology. Every year, new frameworks, tools, and languages features are added and staying up-to-date can be a real challenge. At Dashlane, we consider that continuous learning is key in order to produce good quality software, so we encourage our engineers to attend to meetups, conferences, trainings, and other educational events.

In 2016, we attended more than 25 tech conferences, including dotSecurity, nCrafts, Google IO, ReactEurope, WWDC, dotJS, and Agile Tour. When we return, those team members who attended often share what they’ve learned and what can be used to improve the quality of our products with the rest of the team.

We look forward to attending more conferences this year, and we look forward to seeing you at dotJS 2017!

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