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Dashlane Security Meetup: Discussing Malware and House Intercom Attacks

  |  Frederic Rivain

Last Thursday, we hosted the Paris Security Meetup in the Dashlane Office in Paris. 40 guests joined us for 2 discussions:

The first was related to the investigation of a password-stealing malware. It was a very interesting step-by-step analysis of how malware programs operate.


The second was around house intercoms. We discussed how new models of intercoms that are connected to the Internet as mobile devices can be hacked by traditional mobile cyber attacks.


It has been a few months now that we started hosting meetups. After we moved to our new offices in March 2016, we now have the space to accommodate small meetups, up to 50 participants.

Since then, we have hosted the C++ meetup, the CocoaHeads meetup and the TypeScript meetup–and the Paris Security Meetup yesterday to close the year.

It is always very interesting, getting to learn new stuff “at home” and meeting new people in the community.

The Paris Meetup scene is very active. Dashlaners are regularly attending meetups, so it is good we can give back by hosting.

We will, of course, carry on hosting meetups in the future. If you are a meetup organizer, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a location.

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