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2 New Ways Dashlane is Supporting Customers

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Learn how Dashlane has expanded our support to help all businesses successfully set up, adopt, and make the most of their Dashlane plan.

When you’re implementing a password manager or other digital tools at your organization, you’ll probably have some questions along the way. Some questions are easily answered by reading support pages, while others are more specific and may require a detailed conversation. In order to minimize productivity disruption, timely answers are crucial. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our resources with phone support for business plan admins and Community Success resources for smaller teams. We want to make sure it’s quick and easy for businesses of any size to get started, get employees onboarded, and get questions answered. 

On-demand phone support for Dashlane Business plan admins

Phone support for IT admins has been one of the most common feature requests for Dashlane’s support team. We get it—sometimes, it’s easiest to just talk it out. With our on-demand phone support, which is now available on Dashlane Business, admins can request and book a call with our B2B Customer Support team through the Admin Console, bypassing our support chatbot.

When available, our support chatbot, Dashy, can connect you to chat live with an agent. Chat is typically available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET, Monday to Friday. During busy hours, you might have a short wait. We also might adjust chat hours based on agent availability or chat volume.

Community Success team

Our Community Success team offers solutions for small businesses and teams that are just getting started with Dashlane. These solutions can help organizations plan and set goals, drive usage within their teams, and learn best practices for making the most of Dashlane. Email for access to:

  • Live training webinars for both admins and employees on onboarding, goal setting, growth planning, and more.
  • “Getting started” emails to support and guide admins through Dashlane onboarding.
  • Recurring webinars for employees on topics such as getting started with Dashlane, tips for staying secure, and key features.
    • These webinars also feature an open Q&A so employees can get their questions answered directly.

Even more resources

Our lineup of additional resources adds even more clarity to navigating Dashlane:

  • Help Center: View articles with how-tos, videos, frequently asked questions, and information about Dashlane plans.
  • Chatbot support: Reach out using our chatbot to get support in English, French, and German, Monday–Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.
  • Email support: Customers on paid plans can contact us via email by opening a ticket from our chatbot.
  • Reddit community: Ask and answer questions in this community forum frequented by Dashlane experts and users.
  • Twitter community: Stay up to date on issues that may impact Dashlane. You can also message us directly anytime if you need help.
  • Video tutorials: Watch quick overviews and check out Dashlane how-tos on YouTube.
  • Dashlane blog: Get resources, digital security tips, and product news from your expert cybersecurity partners at Dashlane.
  • Resource library: Learn the steps to take, the tools to use, and the latest cybersecurity news to secure your business.

Getting started with Dashlane is easy, but we’re always looking for new ways to support our customers and make it even easier. Additional Community Success offerings are just around the corner, and we look forward to sharing them with you. 

For more information about our product, pricing, plans, or pretty much anything, you can get in touch with us here.

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