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Become a Dashlane Beta Tester

Get early access to private beta releases before they are publicly available. Be the first to try new features and product improvements.

To join our private beta program, please accept our terms:

  • I understand that one of the objectives of the Dashlane Beta Program is to help Dashlane improve the quality of its product. As such, I agree to take reasonable effort to communicate with Dashlane User Support about bugs, feedback and feature requests.

  • I understand and accept that Beta versions of Dashlane may occasionally be less stable or have lesser performance than publicly available versions.

  • I agree that access to Beta versions of Dashlane is provided on a strictly confidential basis and that I may not share any information about these Beta versions publicly, in forms including but not limited to articles in offline or online publications, blogs, or social media messages.

  • I confirm that I am not currently employed or associated in any way with any competitor of Dashlane, including but not limited to companies providing services related to password management, identity management, online or mobile form-filling, digital wallets, and companies generally facilitating authentication, data entry and checkout on the web or mobile devices.

*Please don’t ignore this as legal mumbo-jumbo. If you have questions or doubts about the above terms, please contact us BEFORE signing up for the Dashlane Beta program!


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