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Become a Dashlane Beta Tester

Get early access to new features and product enhancements before they are publicly available. Be the first to see our latest developments and try out innovations in identity management. Help shape the future of Dashlane – join our private Beta Program!

To join, you must have an active Dashlane account associated with the email provided below. By hitting “Submit,” you are agreeing to the following (the “Beta Terms”)*:

  • The Beta Terms supplement, not replace, the Dashlane Terms of Service or Dashlane Business Terms and Conditions (as applicable) that govern your use of Dashlane.

  • Dashlane Teams or Business users will only be accepted into the program if your account administrator approves.

  • Participation in the Beta program is at Dashlane’s discretion, and we may deny or revoke access to the program at any time and for any reason.

  • You will make reasonable efforts to inform Dashlane about bugs, feedback, and feature requests related to Beta versions.

  • Beta versions of Dashlane may be less stable or have reduced performance compared to publicly available versions of our software.


  • Any use of Beta Releases is at your own risk.

  • Dashlane may modify or remove Beta versions at any time.

  • Access to Beta versions is provided on a strictly confidential basis. You may not share information about Beta versions publicly – including on social media, blogs, offline publications or any other medium – without Dashlane’s prior written consent.

  • Employees or individuals otherwise associated with any competitor of Dashlane, including any password management company such as LastPass, Keeper, NordPass, Bitwarden, or 1Password, are not eligible to participate in the Beta program.

*If you need help or have questions, learn how to contact Dashlane Customer Support BEFORE requesting access to the Dashlane Beta program!


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