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There’s a better way to do this—All this.
The internet, we mean.

Remember what it used be like? Fast. Open. And hyper-convenient. (Okay, and a little wild.) All the best things—the conversations, the shopping, the endless information—seemed free.

Now, the internet is a series of hoops. Of hurdles. A series of hoopy hurdles that slows you down every time you want to check your email, buy a gift, just read the dang news.

How many times are you going to bang your digital shins? And why are we paying for convenience with our data and our autonomy? We’ve realized that "free" really means "Please hold while we sell your personal information to the highest bidder." And the clown parade of hacks and data breaches and Big Tech mea culpas just seems like one more roadblock in your daily journey online.

We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe companies like us, with people like you, can start to take steps to reclaim our digital independence without sacrificing convenience.

We're Dashlane.We simplify your life online.

We put all your passwords, payments, and personal info in one place that only you control. So you can use them instantly. Securely. Exactly when you need them.

And when that handmade alpaca scarf shop that forced you to create an account gets hacked and blasts your favorite password to glitter all over the dark web, we’ve got your back. Change old, weak passwords to super strong ones in one click.Use a unique password every time—without having to remember it. We give you that power without ever even knowing your personal info ourselves—because our zero-knowledge system means even we can’t see it.

So let us help you stop all the stopping.

Get Dashlane. And get going.