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Family Password Manager

A simpler, safer life online for the whole family. Enjoy up to 10 separate accounts for 75% less* than the cost of 10 individual subscriptions.

Why does your family need a password manager?

Having a family password manager plan is the safest and easiest way for your family members to access their passwords and personal info on all their devices.

Dashlane makes the internet easier for family members

Save and fill in passwords, personal info, and payment details with just a click -- protected with one master password. Everything your family does online, from streaming to shopping, is easier with Dashlane's family password manager.

The strongest encryption for the safest passwords

Dashlane’s best-in-class encryption keeps each member’s passwords and personal data more secure than if they were stored in your browser or in plain text. Plus, with personalized security alerts, your whole family can enjoy better online safety due to dark web monitoring.

Access to all your passwords on all your devices

Each family plan member can use their individual Dashlane account on as many devices as they want. Dashlane works seamlessly across most major devices and platforms—so you can count on it even if your tech-loving child has an iPhone, Chromebook, and gaming PC.

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Visit our Help Center.

How do I invite family members?

Simply share a link with whom you want to invite to the password manager family plan, and they’ll be prompted to sign up with their email. If they already have a Dashlane account, they’ll just need to enter the email associated with it.

What happens to my data if I already have Premium?

When purchasing a Dashlane family plan, you’ll receive a credit for the remaining months of your individual Premium plan that will be applied at checkout. If you bought your subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll be asked to cancel your subscription through that store. But don’t worry—we provide you with step-by-step instructions.

What if some of my family members already have Dashlane?

Simply send each member a sharing link from the Family Dashboard. They’ll keep all the data they’ve already saved in their individual accounts when they join the family plan.

If they have a Premium plan, their billing will be paused automatically. If the family plan ends, they’ll return to their previous plan and Premium billing will resume.

How does billing work?

Whoever purchases Friends & Family will manage the Friends & Family Dashboard and be responsible for paying the annual subscription moving forward. Password management for families has never been easier!

What if my subscription expires?

Don’t worry—you won’t get locked out of your account. Your account will automatically switch to Dashlane Free, and other members’ accounts will revert to the tier they were on when they joined the family plan.