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30-day money-back guarantee

Dashlane Premium

Get next-level digital protection for simple, safe browsing at home, work, and everywhere in between. Dashlane Premium combines unlimited password storage synced across all your devices with Dark Web Monitoring and a VPN for WiFi protection. It's the easy solution for autofilling passwords and personal information combined with advanced tools you'll never want to browse without.

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Dashlane Premium - Identity Dashboard

Dashlane Premium includes:

Unlimited password storage

Full Dashlane benefits synced across every device

Instant form and payment autofill

Dark Web Monitoring with personalized alerts

VPN for WiFi protection

Secure file storage

Your life online, now better with:

Unlimited password storage

For the best way to browse, Dashlane lets you store and manage an unlimited number of passwords and automatically log in to any account. Goodbye, guessing passwords.

Dashlane on every device

Dashlane on your phone, tablet, and computer—and anywhere they go with you. Access passwords and personal information easily and securely, synced across all your devices.

Instant form and payment autofill

Don't spend another second filling out tedious online forms. With your personal data and payment info stored in Dashlane, every form becomes a one-click experience.

Dark Web Monitoring with personalized alerts

What you don't know can hurt you. Dashlane scans the web for any leaked or stolen personal data and alerts you when necessary, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts.

VPN for WiFi protection

Sketchy coffee shop WiFi just got a security upgrade. Dashlane encrypts your online activity on unsecure WiFi networks to always keep your personal information safe and private, everywhere you go.

Secure file storage

Your important information, where and when you need it. Encrypt and store files and document scans like passports or contracts in Dashlane to access them anywhere.

Find your perfect plan:

Plan features


Manage up to 50 passwords and autofill all your personal information on your favorite device, free for life.

  • Store up to 50 passwords
  • Dashlane on one device
  • Instant form and payment autofill
  • Security alerts

Most popular


Manage unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, plus Dark Web Monitoring and secure VPN.

  • Unlimited password storage
  • Passwords and data automatically synced across devices
  • Instant form and payment autofill
  • Dark Web Monitoring with personalized security alerts
  • VPN for safe, private connection on unsecure WiFi networks
  • Secure storage for sensitive files

Password storage

Up to 50 accounts



1 device

Sync across unlimited devices

Form and payment autofill



Security alerts



Password Generator



Password Changer



Password sharing

5 accounts


Two-factor authentication

Standard 2FA

U2F with YubiKey support

Emergency contact access



Secure notes



Dark Web Monitoring with personalized alerts



VPN for WiFi protection



Secure file storage



Priority support