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Family password manager

A simpler, safer life online for the whole family. Enjoy up to 10 separate accounts for 75% less* than the cost of 10 individual subscriptions.

Having a family password manager is the safest and easiest way for your family members to access their passwords and personal info on all their devices.

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Currently securing over
2.5 billion credentials
Trustpilot scores 4.5 out of 5 stars with 4.7k reviews
Google Play reviews with 4.5 out of 5 stars and 175k reviews
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Everything your family does online, from streaming to shopping, is easier with Dashlane's family password manager.


Access data from anywhere

Seamlessly sync your passwords, passkeys, payment information, notes, and IDs across an unlimited number of devices.


Convenient & time-saving

Autofill forms and credentials from any device or platform for maximum convenience.


Organize passwords & passkeys

Easily organize and search for your passwords, and categorize them for easy access.

Graphical depiction of security between multiple devices and platforms

The best-in-class password manager


We encrypt all of your data


We help you identify security threats


Your data goes with you if you leave

Close up image of person using their mobile phone reviewing passwords saved in Dashlane app

Dashlane provides easy-to-use tools to improve your password security and more

Example of password autofill prompt

Convenience that comes with you

Dashlane autofills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device.

Example of the password generator in action with sample password and strength indicator and option to copy the password created

The strongest passwords

Use the Password Generator to quickly generate strong passwords for all your accounts.

Sample notification of Dark Web Monitoring and data breach and link to change affected passwords

Quick alerts for breached passwords

Dashlane continuously scans 20B+ records attached to hacks and breaches with ~1 million new records added daily.

Icons in collage indicating financial, medical and private information

Protect more than just passwords

Save and autofill your payments, passkeys, notes, and IDs across an unlimited number of devices—in one simple, accessible, and intuitive place.

Personal plans


Individual protection plus VPN

Per monthBilled annually

Unlimited devices


Unlimited passwords & passkeys


Secure sharing


Dark Web Monitoring


VPN for WiFi protection


Real-time phishing alerts


Passwordless login (new users only)


10 accounts, one subscription

Per monthBilled annually

Everything in Premium for admin


Everything but VPN for plan members

Stay in the know

Get resources, commentary, and product tips from the cybersecurity experts at Dashlane.

Passkeys: A Year of Progress and Innovation

Dashlane's innovation in the passkey space gives users an easy way to log into sites without a password across devices and browsers.

Pros and Cons of Google Password Manager

Is using Google password manager safe? Limited features and security vulnerabilities make it less safe than standalone password managers.

These New Alerts Notify You When Something's Phishy

Dashlane is the first password manager to offer built-in, proactive phishing alerts. Now available in the Dashlane web extension.


We’re here to help.

From choosing the right Dashlane plan to importing your data to setting up extra layers of security, we're always here to help you step up your cybersecurity.

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