The password manager,

Keeping track of passwords and making them secure is startlingly simple with Dashlane’s free password manager. Automatically import your passwords from into your secure password vault. Save any missing passwords as you browse. Make a new password right within your browser. Get automatic alerts when websites get breached.

And with our auto-login, you will never have to type any password on any of your devices again. It’s that simple.

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automatic login.

Get automatic login for all your accounts with our free password manager. Even on complex logins with two steps
or three fields, like bank accounts. No clicks or
keystrokes required.

Automatic password changes.

One-click password changes on all your favorite sites. Your weak or compromised passwords are changed online, saved in Dashlane, and available on all your devices.

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Security Shield

No record of the encryption key anywhere but
in your head.

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The Security Dashboard:
your password health in a nutshell.

Identify the dangerously weak or reused passwords that are stored in your password vault, and see what accounts hackers may have compromised.

Be the first to know about security breaches.

Get security alerts sent straight to your device when any of your accounts may be compromised. Update your old password & stop hackers in their tracks.

Password Generator

A strong password generator that works
in one click.

Generate strong new passwords, save them to your password vault, and autofill them as you browse. Without having to leave the page. Sounds easy? It is.

Password Generator

Secure notes for your sensitive data.

Store top-secret keys to software, wifi passwords, or surprise plans... whatever you like. Keep them safe, private, and accessible to only you.

Password Sharing

Password sharing that's simple and secure.

Password Sharing

Encrypt and share passwords in Dashlane.
Manage shared access.
Sync updates between yourself and those that you share with, automatically. Learn more

Password Sharing
Password Syncing

Locally stored or
universally synced...

YOU control where
your data resides.

Password Syncing


  • Reliable auto-login and password auto-save
  • Comprehensive security breach alerts
  • Security Dashboard with actionable tips
  • Pay one price for unlimited backup and devices
  • No ugly toolbars or unintuitive actions
  • Fully functional mobile apps

The Others*

  • Spotty auto-save and auto-login
  • Partial alerts, or none at all
  • Scores & assessments that don't mean much
  • Buy a separate app on every device
  • Bring your toolbar, hand-guide and debugger
  • Limited functionality or read-only access
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Manage and use all your passwords on any device with Dashlane.

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Dashlane works wherever you are

Grab and use your passwords in your favorite browsers.

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