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Dashlane's Password Generator
  • Import all your passwords to one secure location
  • Generate strong passwords in a click
  • Automatically log-in to any website upon arrival

Dashlane’s password manager helps you get the strongest passwords of your life. You’ll never have to reuse the same password anywhere once you can generate strong passwords for all of your online accounts. You’ll never lose a password when you have them safely saved in the app. You won’t even have to type them online…Dashlane does all the typing for you. It can even generate random passwords on the page, right when you create new accounts or reset your passwords. New passwords are saved in Dashlane automatically, so they can be typed for you later.

It’s easy. With Dashlane, you never have to remember passwords again. It's highly secure and free to use on any given device. With Dashlane Premium, you can get Dashlane on unlimited devices to use the password generator anywhere.

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