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Random on purpose,
secure by design

Life is unpredictable. Your passwords should be, too. Dashlane creates, saves, and autofills strong, randomized passwords for all your accounts so you can run free online.

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What brings you to Dashlane?

Log in everywhere

I want to easily log in to all my accounts on every device I use

Password help

I want help managing and remembering all my passwords

Online safety

I want to protect myself against data breaches and hacks

Learn more

I want to learn what Dashlane can do for me

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First things first. How many different computers, phones, and tablets do you use between work, home, and activities?

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How often do you need a password on a particular device only to realize you don’t have it available—or forgot it (again)?

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How often do you need to log in to apps and online accounts on your phone’s teeny tiny keyboard?

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How many different online accounts do you have for work, home, and activities?

We’ll give you a minute to count.

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Ok, be honest — how often do you need to reset forgotten passwords?

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Do you ever need or want to share passwords?

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Have you ever been the victim of a breach or hack?

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Are you concerned about your personal information appearing on the dark web?

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How many of your accounts use the same or similar passwords?

(We don’t judge.)