Protect your business at its weakest access point – employee passwords

Dashlane Business is the only password manager that combines unmatched security and oversight with award-winning simplicity and design.

Dashlane on PC and Mac
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Your passwords, managed

  • Lightning-fast logins and accurate autofill take the effort (and frustration) out of passwords
  • A built-in password generator and automatic Password Changer supply unique, random passwords
  • Convenient browser extensions give you multiple ways to access your logins

Centralized Admin Console

  • One simplified interface to manage employee access and set company-wide policy for security, sharing, and categorization
  • View employee security scores and monitor password habits and complexity
  • Streamline onboarding with SAML support and enterprise deployment options
Start a free 30 day trial For up to 30 users

Business and personal Spaces

  • Keep business and personal credentials separate and retain control over company-related accounts to prevent redundancy and unauthorized access
  • Protect your data from bring-your-own-device password risks
  • Simplify provisioning and deprovisioning with Smart Space Management™, giving you visibility and control over provisioned accounts

Built-in onboarding that results in higher adoption

An intuitive, award-winning design that syncs across platform-native apps makes Dashlane Business user-friendly across the technical spectrum. With a built-in onboarding process, deployment is simple and reduces IT burden while increasing user adoption.

Dashlane onboarding

Protect your company data

The patented security architecture of Dashlane Business creates a zero-knowledge environment with end-to-end AES-256 encryption. Your information is never accessed in the cloud and is only decrypted locally on your authorized device.

Join the leaders in security

Dashlane is the first in its category to take advantage of the FIDO Alliance’s U2F authentication technology. Dashlane Business offers exclusive integration with this forward-looking take on multi-factor authentication, in addition to traditional options.

Start a free 30 day trial For up to 30 users
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