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Why You Should Keep Your Apps Updated

  |  Dashlane

If you’re like most people, you use a variety of apps on a daily basis. From email to social media to a password manager like Dashlane, apps help us tackle our everyday to-dos. And to get the best experience, you should keep all your apps up to date.

We like to think of Dashlane as the first app you should get on a new phone (or tablet), not only for security but also to help you log in to all your other apps. Start your trial today.

 Why should I keep my apps updated? 

The short answer? Updating an app gives you access to the latest features and most secure version. 

Companies release new versions of their apps for a variety of reasons. Sometimes those reasons may be big, like introducing a new feature or patching a security vulnerability. Sometimes those reasons may be small, like fixing a typo or minor bug. Keeping your apps consistently up to date ensures you don’t miss anything big or small. Updating is simple, and most mobile devices auto-update apps by default. We recommend checking to ensure you have the auto-update setting enabled. 

How often does Dashlane update its apps?

How often we release new versions of our mobile apps depends on the platform. For our iOS app, we release a new version every two weeks; for Android, we release a new version each week. You can always check the release notes if you’re curious about what was added or changed in the latest version. Some of our key mobile app updates and improvements from the last year include: 

  • A newly designed navigation experience 
  • Smarter autofill and search
  • Access to a new VPN

We also regularly update our extension platform.

Our job is to keep your data secure. That’s why we recently updated our security policy to no longer allow access to apps that are older than 12 months. Limiting access to older, potentially less secure apps means we can better ensure your data is always protected

If you have Dashlane installed on your phone or tablet, check to make sure you’ve got the latest version. New to Dashlane? Install the app and get started with a free trial.

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