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Password Managers Are Critical for Law Firm Security. Here’s Where to Start.

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There are just a few simple steps to boost your law firm's security on its most important accounts.

For any law firm, security is fundamental to the business: it allows you to gain the trust of your clients and protect your reputation. Just in the past two years, law firm cyberattacks have affected some of the largest firms, including Mossack Fonseca, the target of the infamous Panama Papers ransomware attack.

Implementing the right tools

For law firms and legal teams, efficiency is important to your clients, and you don’t have much time to slow down. Tools that are easy to incorporate into your workflow are just as important as securing your client’s information.

Part of law office management is using the right tools to protect your data, starting with a password manager. But first, you need to take stock of the accounts in your ecosystem. The more accounts used, the higher the risks faced by law firms. 

Start with a checklist

You can start to secure your data once you have a better idea of how many accounts are currently being used, where logins are stored, and if they’re sufficiently protected.

Here’s a list of online accounts commonly used by law firms:

Social media

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Project management

  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Basecamp
  • Evernote

Specialized software

  • PracticePanther
  • MyCase
  • Smokeball
  • Actionstep
  • Clio
  • LEAP
  • LeanLaw
  • Tmetric

Once you have a list of all your most-used accounts, create and fill out a chart like the example below:

Account Owner Is this login shared?  Y/NHow is it shared? Is 2FA set up?  Y/NIs this password used for other accounts?  Y/N
SlackJane DoeY Spreadsheet 

Getting started with a password manager

Onboarding to a password manager to increase your law firm's security doesn’t have to be complicated. Dashlane’s six-video series explains all the necessary steps in onboarding and offboarding with a password manager. 

What you can do with Dashlane:

  • Automatically fill in logins and 2FA codes for your accounts across the web, as well as save logins seamlessly as you browse the internet. 
  • Safely share passwords and 2FA codes for shared accounts.
  • Spaces: Display only work or only personal logins in your Sharing Center at one time and revoke password access to those who no longer work at the company.
  • GrantOster

Trusting your info with Dashlane

Your data and your clients' data are safe with Dashlane. Since its founding 12 years ago, Dashlane has never experienced any type of data breach or hack. We use the strongest possible encryption, built-in 2FA, and zero-knowledge security architecture—user data and your Master Password are not stored on our servers, but locally on your devices. This means that even if Dashlane were to get hacked, all hackers would get is a trove of unencryptable, useless data.

Ready to get started?

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