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Insider Threat 2018 Report: Is Your Business Vulnerable to an Insider Threat?

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Crowd Research Partners, in association with Dashlane, recently published their annual Insider Threat Report. The results are dramatic — 90% of organizations are vulnerable to insider threats, and over 50% have experienced an insider attack in the past year.

The Insider Threat Report is based on a robust online survey completed by 472 cybersecurity professionals, and provides an up-close look at the current state of insider threats and how organizations are protecting themselves.

CEO and Founder of Cybersecurity Insiders, Holger Schulze, said it best: “Insider threats are often more damaging than attacks from malicious outsiders or malware. That’s because they are launched by trusted insiders – both malicious insiders and negligent insiders with privileged access to sensitive data and applications.”

Insider Threat Report Highlights

The report is loaded with invaluable data, but here are some of the highlights:

  • 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. The main enabling risk factors include: too many users with excessive access privileges (37%), an increasing number of devises with access to sensitive data (36%), and the increasing complexity of information technology (35%).
  • Over 50% of organizations have experienced a confirmed insider attack in the last 12 months, while 27% of organizations say that insider attacks have become more frequent.
  • Who within your organization is the biggest insider threat? The top culprits are: regular employees (56%), privileged users/admins (55%), and contractors/service providers/temporary workers (42%).
  • The most common culprit of insider threat is accidental exposure by employees. The main enabling factors include: phishing attempts (67%), weak/reused passwords (56%), and bad password sharing practices (44%).

Insider Threat Report 2018

The Insider Threat Report was produced by Cybersecurity Insiders and Crowd Research Partners, in association with Dashlane.

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