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How to Improve Employee Password Management

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) paired with a password manager are the ultimate data-protecting duo. This solution empowers employees to take control of their data.

Password overload alert: Did you know that each of your employees manages an average of 100 passwords between work life and personal life? With so many passwords to remember and keep track of on different devices, the odds are good that at least some are weak or reused. Unfortunately, the easier a password is for your employees to remember, the more it can put your organization at risk. And the more employees who know passwords for shared corporate accounts or software, the riskier it gets. 

IAM (Identity and Access Management) helps solve these pain points by ensuring that employees can only access the accounts and data they need. IAM also allows admins to automate many security processes for employees, which makes things like enabling SSO for multiple accounts and granting permissions easier. 

But there’s one other critical element to safeguarding company data, especially as employees use multiple personal devices to access sensitive information: a password manager. A password manager adds an extra layer of protection to your organization’s IAM strategy by identifying and mitigating the risks of vulnerable passwords. Here’s how using IAM alongside a password manager benefits employees. 

Using IAM alongside a password manager means employees will: 

  • Save time—they’ll only have one password to remember, and they won’t have to disrupt their workflow for password-related issues and resets. 
  • Follow best practices for passwords—like making sure each one is long and unique. (Dashlane’s Password Generator helps with this.) 
  • Be able to share passwords with coworkers securely—and they also won’t have to worry about locking teammates out of a shared account if they update the credential. 
  • Keep their business and personal lives separate—by setting up separate personal and business credentials. (Dashlane’s Smart Spaces makes this easy.)
  • Access the applications and data they need from anywhere—which is especially handy in today’s hybrid work environments.

To sum it up in a cybersecurity equation: IAM + a password manager = empowered employees and simpler, more secure organizational password management.

Want to help your organization’s leaders understand how using IAM with a password manager better protects your organization from threats? Use this customizable deck.

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