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Case Study: How Non-stop dogwear Securely Shares Information Across Five Countries

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The company

Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear is a dog equipment retail brand.


Company size
50+ employees

The challenge:  Reducing vulnerabilities and facilitating collaboration

Founded in Norway in 2009, Non-stop dogwear develops, designs, and sells dog equipment worldwide. Today, their products are in over 1,300 stores in 27 countries. The organization did not start out as a global brand, however. Four years ago, Non-stop dogwear had fewer than 15 employees. Everyone worked in one office, and many employees needed to use the same credentials to access applications and websites, which led to unsecure sharing.

As their products became known worldwide, Non-stop dogwear had to scale quickly to support the success of their business. Suddenly, they found themselves with 50 employees and locations in five countries. The number of passwords the organization relied on also grew, and sharing credentials became more of a struggle. "Someone from a different time zone could require information from another team. If that team was already done working for the day, it caused a delay," explains Hugo Rettien, Head of Technology. 

Then, Non-stop dogwear discovered additional password problems. Some credentials were being reused, while others were outdated and inaccurate. Ultimately, these challenges increased their risk of a cybersecurity event. "Simply put, our cybersecurity procedures weren't up-to-date," states Hugo. 

When Non-stop dogwear hired their IT team, the first order of business was resetting all the organization's passwords and finding a password management solution.

"We needed a safer and more convenient way to share information."

Hugo Rettien,
Head of Technology, Non-stop dogwear 

The organization had some vulnerabilities, which made Hugo nervous. "A breach could be catastrophic for our organization," Hugo explains. If Non-stop dogwear were to be breached, they could face dire consequences, including:

  • Stolen sensitive information, such as proprietary designs
  • The inability to take orders if their sales system was compromised
  • Violation of privacy laws, such as GDPR, and large fines  
  • Reputational harm and diminished trust

Non-stop dogwear needed a password management solution that would help them protect their company and critical information from cyberattacks and those potential repercussions. The organization’s ideal technology would: 

  • Ensure strong, random passwords 
  • Provide an intuitive UX 
  • Facilitate the secure sharing of passwords 
  • Simplify collaboration across countries, time zones, and languages

The solution:  A comprehensive and feature-rich password manager

While Hugo used a different password manager for his personal credentials, he didn't think the solution was user-friendly enough for Non-stop dogwear, and he doubted that it could scale to meet the organization's needs.

Screenshot of the password vault in the Dashlane browser extension app on desktop.
Dashlane's password vault in the browser extension app on desktop.

As he reviewed the password management solutions on the market, Hugo immediately noticed Dashlane’s strong UX design. Many other Dashlane features also caught Hugo’s eye, including a Password Generator, the Password Health score, and Dark Web Monitoring. “I was drawn to Dark Web Monitoring because it’s the ideal tool to show employees why strong passwords are so important,” Hugo shares. These features came together to create the perfect package.

Now, Non-stop dogwear is an A+ Dashlane user for pulling out all the protection stops, and they benefit from a variety of features:

  • Dark Web Monitoring alerts users when their old and reused passwords have been compromised and provides recommended next steps to secure those passwords
  • Password Generator creates strong, random passwords automatically and autosaves the password upon creation for safekeeping 
  • Secure Notes provide people with a space to securely store and share information and documents 
  • Secure sharing lets employees (and clients) securely share encrypted passwords with individuals or groups 
  • Dashlane’s digital wallet securely stores payment types and provides fast and safe checkout on any website, from anywhere
  • Admin Console offers one centralized password management system with simple employee management and auditing when required
Screenshot of Dashlane's Dark Web Insights dashboard for employees.
Dashlane's Dark Web Insights dashboard for employees
A screenshot of Dashlane’s secure sharing feature in the web app.
Dashlane’s secure sharing feature in the web app.

More on Dashlane

For more information on Dashlane, check out our business page or get started with a trial.  

The result: A UX-friendly and flexible password solution that meets a variety of needs

Hugo was excited to establish an official password management solution but didn't want to make its usage mandatory. Instead, he felt the best way to get Non-stop dogwear employees interested in Dashlane was to make it relevant to them in their daily lives. "When I showed employees that Dashlane can autofill passwords across devices, they couldn't sign up fast enough," Hugo shares.

Autofill wasn't the only Dashlane feature that Hugo immediately introduced. He also made sure every employee knew about Dark Web Monitoring. "Showing people Dark Web Monitoring is the best way to raise user awareness about the importance of strong, random passwords because breaches, unfortunately, are very common," Hugo explains. 

But Hugo's goal wasn't to unnecessarily frighten people—he wanted to show how Dashlane could empower them both at home and at work. He aimed to build a natural security culture at Non-stop dogwear.

“Dashlane helps support a security culture because it shows people what's important.”

Hugo Rettien,
Head of Technology, Non-stop dogwear

In a world full of information, people can quickly get overwhelmed. That’s where Dashlane comes in. Hugo explains, "Dashlane makes security as simple as possible by showing what to focus on, which behaviors to adopt online, and how to fix any past mistakes." 

Hugo's hopes in Dashlane were realized when numerous teams at Non-stop dogwear adopted the solution quickly. Employees at Non-stop dogwear feel fortunate to have a solution that fits their security expectations and company culture.

"A cybersecurity strategy is always strongest when people and technology work together," Hugo says. "Non-stop dogwear is safer because people believe in Dashlane, and so they participate in it." 

Now, Hugo feels Non-stop dogwear's cybersecurity is top-notch, and getting there was a pain-free process. After entering their credentials into Dashlane, it was simple for Hugo and other employees to locate weak and reused passwords.

“Dashlane made it effortless to find and strengthen our weak credentials.”

Hugo Rettien,
Head of Technology, Non-stop dogwear

Dashlane immediately uncovered duplicate passwords used across different websites, and, as Hugo explains, the password management solution didn't stop there: “Password Generator made it fast and straightforward to make those weak passwords random and strong." 

Non-stop dogwear saw immediate benefits from Dashlane. And those benefits just keep coming, which helps build Hugo’s confidence.

“With Dashlane, I can keep a better pulse on our cybersecurity.”

Hugo Rettien,
Head of Technology, Non-stop dogwear

If an account gets compromised, Hugo will quickly know, but he doesn’t have to wait until then. Hugo says, "I can also be proactive. For example, if someone has a low [password] health score, Dashlane shows me, and I can offer them additional support." 

As Non-stop dogwear grows, Dashlane scales alongside them. Hugo is introducing different regions and teams to the password management solution and letting them choose how they use it. 

"I provide the training materials, but each team has the autonomy to discover which parts of Dashlane work best for them," Hugo says. "From Dashlane's digital wallet to Secure Notes, there are many features to help make our employees’ lives a little easier."  

And because Dashlane is flexible enough to fit different lifestyles, personalities, and workflows, people at Non-stop dogwear are uncovering their own use cases for the password management solution. Hugo's team loves Secure Notes and uses the feature to share applications' recovery code tokens with the remote IT team. Other teams have also used Secure Notes to reduce the friction that naturally comes with collaborating across several countries and time zones. 

"Secure Notes is a time saver. Working in different time zones can cause accessibility issues and delays in work. With Dashlane, everyone has their required access without asking.”

- Hugo Rettien,
Head of Technology, Non-stop dogwear
A screenshot of the secure notes feature in the Dashlane web app.
A screenshot of the secure notes feature in the Dashlane web app.

Today, Dashlane is a critical part of Non-stop dogwear's cybersecurity strategy. According to Hugo, the password management solution will continue to play a key role in the future. "We're currently rolling out our security and IT policy, and Dashlane will be featured prominently," Hugo says.

Now that they have a password management solution they trust, Non-stop dogwear can focus on their mission: growth. "I am much more confident that we have strong passwords across the organization with Dashlane," Hugo says. "As we grow, Dashlane makes it simpler than ever to work together and have credential oversight across numerous countries." 

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