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Case Study: How ePromos Personalized Their Password Security and Improved Productivity

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The company

One of the largest and fastest-growing promotional products companies in the U.S., ePromos offers over 300,000 personalizable products to help organizations achieve their goals.  


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The challenge: Eliminating poor password habits and getting secure-password swag(ger) back 

In today’s world, company security requires a full team effort. Unfortunately, passwords are a pain. The average internet user has 240 online accounts that require a password, making it tempting to reuse passwords—after all, we’re only human and we’ve got better ways to use our brain space. The password problem was real at leading promotional product corporation ePromos, where employees shared passwords unsecurely, jeopardizing the IT integrity of the company and its reputation. 

“Our employees are our greatest asset, but we discovered they were also our biggest security threat.”

Steven Stanley
Senior Vice President of Technology, ePromos

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ePromos was concerned about password-sharing practices that were putting the company at risk of cyberattacks. With multiple password management tools in use, employees had no guidelines for sharing passwords. Many employees were using unsecure methods like spreadsheets or email to share access to applications, creating a hole in ePromos’ security. 

According to Stanley, “All it would have taken was one email to be intercepted or for someone to get into our building and find sticky notes with passwords, and our entire network and data would have been compromised.” 

Additionally,  ePromos was growing and needed to up its security to satisfy new customers. 

“Current and potential enterprise customers were asking for very detailed security... Our password policies needed to be stronger to meet their expectations.”

Steven Stanley
Senior Vice President of Technology, ePromos

ePromos wanted to have a holistic picture of the company’s security, and that meant the IT team would need to have an easier way to monitor password integrity. The company also desired to improve inefficient provisioning and deprovisioning processes, a pain point that was further exacerbated by having a handful of remote employees.

“We needed to set policies in place and have a tool that made those policies easier to follow,” Stanley explains. ePromos required an easy-to-use password management solution to quickly onboard new employees and help their 200+ staff securely share passwords.

The solution: an all-in-one solution that makes it easier to work smarter

Already familiar with many password management solutions, both purpose-built and makeshift, Stanley was excited by the security features that Dashlane presented. After sharing the tool with leadership and the IT department, there was immediate buy-in. While ePromos now has both employees and consultants using Dashlane, the company began with a phased approach to implementation. ePromos started by rolling Dashlane out to the IT department followed by the marketing team. After that came customer support, and, before long, the entire company was using Dashlane. 

A screenshot of Dashlane’s secure sharing portal in the web extension.
A screenshot of Dashlane’s secure sharing portal in the web extension.

Even better than a smooth rollout were the immediate benefits that ePromos enjoyed. Group Sharing made it easy for marketing and customer support teams to create groups and share access based on each departments’ specific needs. From the IT perspective, that meant a more secure and efficient sharing experience. 

“Being able to quickly change or share our admin passwords makes our teams more efficient and safe,” Stanley says. “Everyone who needs access gets it, and updates are made in one spot.”

Expanding on how Group Sharing simplifies employees’ day-to-day life, Stanley shares, “The marketing team went from passing passwords around in a spreadsheet to immediately and securely sharing access to the tools they need.”

Beyond simplified and safer access, ePromos employees also steadily improved their password health with Dashlane’s Password Generator. This feature made it easy for employees to create you’ll-never-guess-in-a-million-years passwords for every account, relieving them of a heavy mental burden. “It's really hard for people to think up new and engaging passwords, but the Password Generator quickly creates a strong, random password,” Stanley explains.

A screenshot of the password generator in the Dashlane web extension.
A screenshot of the password generator in the Dashlane web extension.

Now, employees only need to memorize the Master Password for their Dashlane account, where every one of their unique passwords is stored securely. And Dashlane is working overtime, extending protection beyond the workspace. “We’re all benefitting professionally and personally by using Dashlane,” Stanley shares. “It helps keep our professional accounts safe and we’re able to protect our personal ones, too.”

But Dashlane is more than just a vault for storing passwords. The IT team at ePromos also gains a dashboard with a clear overview for security monitoring. 

A screenshot of Dashlane's admin dashboard which showcases the company-wide password health score, the number of compromised passwords, and other important metrics.
A screenshot of Dashlane's admin dashboard which showcases the company-wide password health score, the number of compromised passwords, and other important metrics.

“The biggest benefit of Dashlane is the ability to look at my company's password health overall because it highlights compromised passwords,” Stanley shares.

With Dashlane’s Admin Console, the IT team has one place to monitor both employees’ Password Health Scores and an aggregate company-wide score. The reporting dashboard makes it easy to see how ePromos password security improves over time and to provide leadership with actionable reports.

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The result: Saying goodbye to sticky notes and hello to a 98% increase in secure file sharing and management efficiency 

ePromos was using inconvenient, outdated, and unsafe methods to remember and share passwords. Sticky notes and so-easy-you-can-guess-them-in-your-sleep passwords left ePromos potentially one click away from critical information falling into the wrong hands.

Since partnering with Dashlane, ePromos has adopted top-tier security practices. Their customers are satisfied knowing that ePromos is protected by U.S.-patented security architecture and AES 256-bit encryption, the strongest method available, with Dashlane. Employees generate unique passwords that are then encrypted and secured in one centralized system, which reduces the threat of password pickpockets.

“We went from really having no idea how secure our passwords were to having peace of mind with Dashlane,” Stanley shares. “We know that there aren’t sticky notes and spreadsheets floating around anymore, and we don’t store password information on our network.” 

While employees have largely kicked their poor password habits, nobody’s perfect. But with Dashlane’s reporting dashboard, ePromos has the hard numbers to back up its security confidence and IT admins can easily step in if an employee’s passwords aren’t up to par. “It's very important to us that everyone has healthy passwords,” Stanley says. “Now we have a way to measure that with Dashlane.” 

In addition to saying goodbye to sticky notes, ePromos has bid farewell to their long, dragged-out provisioning process.

“It used to take six hours to help employees get access to all the tools they need. Now, with Dashlane, it takes 30 minutes,” Stanley explains.

Granting access quickly and securely played an unexpected and critical role at ePromos when the company quickly went from two office locations and a handful of remote workers to being 99% remote across 16 states in a matter of days. “We were able to easily provision new employees in new states and we couldn’t have done it without Dashlane,” Stanley shares.

Employee passwords, usually a company’s weakest security link, have now been fortified at ePromos. Looking to the future, the company intends to continue improving upon its good password health by instituting a company-wide policy that all passwords must be stored in Dashlane. 

“ePromos is much more secure with Dashlane. It’s simple and it’s safe—it doesn’t get any better than that.” 

Steven Stanley
Senior Vice President of Technology, ePromos

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