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Master Holiday Shopping with Dashlane

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The holiday season is upon us once more, and you’re probably thinking of all the gifts you need to buy. It’s hard enough navigating the endless promotions, discounts, and sales—wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to expedite the entire process?

Enter Dashlane. Dashlane zips you through online checkouts by logging you in instantly and autofilling your personal details, like your address and payment information. Here are a few tricks to help you spend less time looking for your credit card this holiday shopping season, and more time finding the perfect gift for that oh-so-picky friend.

The first step is to make sure you have the web extension in your browser. Dashlane’s web extension is the key to automatic logins, instant form-filling, and one-click payments. If you don’t have it yet, you can find instructions here.

How to add shopping accounts

Signing up for a new account? Dashlane will autofill your email address and generate a strong password for that account. When you sign in, you’ll be asked to save the password to Dashlane. Once saved, you’ll never have to type that password again!

Logging into an existing account? If the account is saved in Dashlane, Dashlane will autofill your email and password combo for a stress-free login experience. If the account isn’t already saved in Dashlane, log in as you normally would and Dashlane will prompt you to save the email and password combo for future use.

How to add personal information

The most time-consuming part of buying things online—other than actually finding something worth buying—is painstakingly filling out all of the personal information required for shipping and billing during checkout. 

Dashlane securely stores personal information like your name, email address, phone number, and street address to autofill forms. You can add as many profiles as you’d like, even the contact info, addresses, and phone numbers of family and friends.

Not sure if your personal information is stored in Dashlane? You can add these details by navigating to the Personal Info section on the left side of your Dashlane desktop app, or inside the Vault tab on your Dashlane mobile app.

How to add credit and debit cards

One of the reasons we shop so often on Amazon is because it’s so easy to check out. When you store your credit card info with Dashlane, every retail website is as easy as Amazon. 

Not sure if your payment information is stored in Dashlane? You can add your cards by navigating to the Payment section on the left side of your Dashlane desktop app, and inside the Vault tab on your Dashlane mobile app.

You can add as many cards as you’d like, but don’t forget to color code them. That way, when it’s time to pick a card at checkout, you can easily spot the one you want to use. 

Ready to use autofill on your favorite shopping sites? Once you get used to flying through checkouts, you’ll wonder how you ever shopped online without Dashlane. 

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