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9 Cybersecurity Podcasts Business Leaders Should Listen To

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Make sure you’re aware of the latest security trends in your industry.

Podcasts have grown from a niche format to a popular and entertaining media platform for millions of people. Taking a conversational approach to complex issues   is extremely useful in many fields.

It’s no surprise podcasts based on such complex subjects as law, medicine, and philosophy have taken off in recent years. Another area where the podcast format helps transform dry, technical material into something more exciting, and accessible , is cybersecurity.

Top cybersecurity podcasts

Not all business owners and executives have time to read the latest cybersecurity books on the market. Fewer still can dedicate themselves to earning a cybersecurity certification. Podcasts make it easy for busy people to leverage the latest information when making crucial decisions. Subscribe to one or more of these podcasts to give your organization a push in the right direction:

1. Hacking Humans

Cyberwire’s security podcast focuses on social engineering and phishing. As the name suggests, it is more about compensating for human errors than identifying technical exploits in enterprise database code. Guests include social engineering experts, cybersecurity professionals, and even cognitive scientists.

2. Daily Information Security Podcast (StormCast)

The SANS Institute is one of the world’s most reputable cybersecurity research and training organizations. Its podcasts offer short, daily coverage of the latest threats being reported from all over the world. Much like an early warning system for bad weather, it helps business owners avoid making critical last-minute mistakes while keeping a light, jargon-free approach.

3. The CISO Minute

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Minute is exactly what it sounds like—a one-minute podcast dedicated to the week’s cybersecurity issues and how C-suite executives should approach them. This is a great, easy-to-digest podcast that anyone—no matter how busy—has time for. Cybercrime Magazine runs the podcast, and the host is Theresa Payton, former White House CIO, who definitely knows what she’s talking about.

4. Security Now!

For a more in-depth approach to cybersecurity, there is no better source than Security Now! Each episode is about two hours long and features extensive expert-level commentary on the world’s latest threats. Its two hosts, Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, are both respected technology professionals with longstanding careers.

5. Paul’s Security Weekly

Paul’s Security Weekly is another in-depth podcast and the longest-running series on this list. Paul Asadoorian, the company’s CTO, has been running it since 2005, accompanying every episode with detailed notes and technical explanations that make it a valuable resource for security professionals and less-than-technical business owners alike.

6. Southern Fried Security

Southern Fried Security fills the gap between technical security podcasts and broader, non-technical news for the security industry. Its light-hearted yet informative tone has something for everyone, and it is especially valuable for decision-makers in management positions.

7. Risky Business

Risky Business is one of the most reputable security podcasts out there. Patrick Gray, the show’s host, has become one of the security industry’s most informative influencers on the web. Each hour-long episode covers the latest security news and its implications for businesses across the spectrum.

8. Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning is Daniel Miessler’s ambitious project to compress five to twenty hours of security materials into a single summarized podcast every week. Miessler is a cybersecurity professional who has been cited by Forbes, BBC, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.

9. Defensive Security

Defensive Security covers data breaches and mitigation strategies. It’s an incredibly useful tool for executives who are worried about what could happen if their front-line defenses fail, and who need to implement a multi-layered security system that can keep their business afloat should the worst arrive.

Knowledge is the first step towards security

Gaining knowledge about the fundamental elements of corporate cybersecurity is crucial in today’s dynamic security environment. The strategies and concepts introduced in these podcasts can help any business owner or executive improve their organization’s security profile.

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