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5 Key Cybersecurity Predictions Based on New Survey Data

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Make cybersecurity a competitive advantage for your business.

The cybersecurity industry is always changing. Hybrid work is now mainstream, shifting the way employees and businesses view the workplace and cybersecurity practices. Smaller organizations that connect security to their business goals have a better opportunity to differentiate themselves. So how does the “future of work” impact cybersecurity and your business?

Based on data from over 900 employees and leaders at small businesses in various industries, we’ve identified five predictions for what the future holds in the next three years.

#1: More organizations will prioritize cybersecurity and connect it to their business goals.

As hybrid work continues, organizations of every size will look for ways to secure their business. However, those that prioritize people over policies will improve their cybersecurity the most. People, rather than technology, are the weak link that malicious actors exploit most often—and implementing human-centric security is the best way to win this fight.

#2: Trust will play a greater role in the digital tools organizations select to secure their businesses.

High-profile cyberattacks in recent months have shown the importance of using security tools that are themselves secure. Organizations will pay closer attention to their security partners’ and vendors’ practices—and demand more transparency.

#3: Organizations will look for security solutions that work across both personal and work spaces to help employees on and off the clock.

Hybrid work erases any remaining lines between professional and personal spaces, and organizations will give preference to solutions that work across both so they can support their people beyond work. When people use cybersecurity tools in their personal lives, they develop good cybersecurity habits and awareness, practicing them both on and off the clock.

#4: Workplace cybersecurity will become a personal concern for more employees.

Security will become personal for a growing number of employees over the next few years, rather than being their employer’s sole responsibility. As cybersecurity concerns continue to rise for small organizations, many will succeed at making security an integral part of their corporate culture.

#5: The volume and breadth of hacks and breaches will increase the urgency for better security among small and medium-sized businesses.

Cybersecurity will become a bigger focus for small and midsized businesses, rather than being a concern primarily for larger enterprises. With cyberattacks getting constant attention in the media, smaller organizations are growing more aware of their risks and the implications. The most successful ones will realize they can no longer watch from the sidelines and will take steps toward boosting their defenses—and resilience.

To remain competitive, you can’t keep cybersecurity on the back burner. The workplace has changed, and your business needs to adapt. Start by building a strong security culture and giving employees the tools to be proactive.

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