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Our Guide to Data Privacy

Taking on data privacy with confidence and ease.

Embracing data privacy means mindfully handling your sensitive data to protect yourself and those around you.

Employing complex passwords is a sure-fire way to safeguard yourself against cybersecurity risks, but we know it can be overwhelming to monitor every set of credentials you use…especially when the lines are blurred between home and work.

Luckily, you can empower yourself and those around you by adopting a password manager like Dashlane. 

IT pro Jay Leaf-Clark’s quick tips for enhancing personal security:

Jay Leaf-Clark, IT at Dashlane
  • Make sure you are using (not reusing!) complex and unique passwords with a password generator.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication and utilize single sign-on services if available.
  • Don’t put anything on your company device that you wouldn’t be comfortable with your company inadvertently seeing.

3 quick ways to improve your data security literacy:

1. If you only have a lunch break to spare, download our guide to learn how to work securely and save your time.

2. If you only have 30 seconds, watch this quick video about how Dashlane separates your personal and company data.

3. If you’re ready to use Dashlane, find out what our platform has to offer.

“Employees’ professional and personal lives run a little smoother with Dashlane. People love how Dashlane simplifies once tedious day-to-day processes.”

Gabe Kimbro, Chief Information Security Officer at Mercy Medical Cedar Rapids

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