The most accurate and elegant way
to autofill forms on the web

Smart form autofill that works – not some of the time, or even most of the time – every time. Stop wasting time checking if everything filled right, and correcting all the mistakes. Stop leaving your data unencrypted in your browser cache.

Fill every field on every
form, perfectly.

Nothing's too complicated for our autofill. Emails, addresses, phone numbers, payment types, IDs, expiration dates, job titles... you name it, we fill it.

Form Autofill
Address Field Autofill

Smart and agile.
The way form autofill should be.

Mix and match your info when filling forms, instead of creating multiple profiles. More options, more convenience.

Now, form autofill is
mobile too.

Autofill forms with the same speed and accuracy on your smartphone as you enjoy on desktop.

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Autofill Forms on Mobile

What would you do with
a week off of work?

Dashlaners save up to
50 hours a year by using our autofill.

No pesky toolbars or
extra buttons.

No toolbars
With Dashlane, all your autofill options appear right on the page as you fill forms. Don't learn new tricks just to browse the web.

Actually works on every form. Try us.

Autofill options appear right on
the page when filling forms

Saves you up to 50 hours a year

Full form filling on your smartphone

The Others

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Go to a separate extension or toolbar
to select your autofill data

More hassle, less reward

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