The world's best password manager
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Keep track of your passwords, automatically login on every website,
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New for iOS8

Automatically log in to sites and fill any form
in Safari with Dashlane and your fingerprint!

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How did Bill change 80 passwords in less than 60 seconds?
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The best password manager for Android. Securely store your data in Dashlane, and use our free form filler to automatically log in to your accounts and instantly fill forms. Take Dashlane everywhere. Learn more.

New York Times - David Pogue

Autologins everywhere.
Super strong passwords.
Security score monitoring.

All with Dashlane.

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Password Manager - Security Dashboard
digital wallet

From credit cards to receipts, save everything
in your digital wallet.

Access your digital wallet on any device for free.

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Autofill every field in every form... on any device.

Let Dashlane’s free form filler do the work.

What people are saying

Dashlane’s autologin is better than other products. It logs me in without having to do anything, and it’s faster, easier, and seamless.
Autologin Pro
With Dashlane, I never have to remember to have my wallet next to me. I can go on any site, and my credit card is on me. I pay my bills, shop – I just click, and I’m done. It saves me time, and I’m happier when I don’t waste time.
Super Shopper
Think of all the time you spend filling out forms and logging into websites. You can cut all that time out of your life, get it back, and do something better with it when you use Dashlane.
Expert Form-filler
Dashlane changed the way we demo Kantox to our leads and clients. We used to spend time logging in and making typos – losing time and clients’ interest. Now we use Dashlane and have a very smooth experience. Demos are shorter and seamless, and our clients love it!
Phillippe Gelis,
CEO, Kantox