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Reseñas de Dashlane

Lea las reseñas de Dashlane y entérese por parte de nuestros clientes y la prensa por qué Dashlane es el mejor administrador de contraseñas.

Simple, Accurate, Extremely Helpful

"I love Dashlane — it makes managing my passwords and on-line purchases so easy. Sign-in once and you are set for the day."

The only password manager that I rely on

"I have been using Dashlane for about a year, on my home and work computers, mobile phone and tablet. It's reliable, easy to use and helps me keep a huge number of login credentials working properly without having to reset my password whenever I get the details mixed up."

Absolutely the best!

"I have nothing but great things to say about this application. It's made my Internet browsing extraordinarily safe."

I'm in love with Dashlane!

"Dashlane is a tremendous boon to anyone that plays, works or visits online. Never has peace of mind been so easy to achieve - just download Dashlane- and presto there it is. I am head over heels in love with this app"

– RykerGibson, reviewer on iTunes

Simplicity and necessity at its finest

"Theres never been a more useful password manager. No more forgotten passwords and lost notebooks. No more easily hackable passwords. And no more having to pull out your laptop to check your bank accounts with Dashlane premium."

– tpiccolo, reviewer on iTunes

I love this App!!

"Its great for storing all my passwords. Now I never have to worry about forgetting my passwords or go through the hassle of resetting them. I highly recommend"

– Dmsanfrancisco, reviewer on iTunes

Security and Versatility

"If you have to get just one password manager that just works across all platforms, you have come to the right place!"

– shamu, reviewer on the Play Store

So easy to use and always reliable!

"This is still the best password app on the market! If you are looking for a easy to use, reliable and sync on all devices one-stop password manger, this is it. Used it for the past 3 years, the best password manager I've had. Seriously I can't imagine how I survived all the hassles from website logins prior to Dashlane!"

– t0lte, reviewer on the Play Store

Really do love it

"I've tried nearly all of the password managers and can honestly say that Dashlane is the best."

– OnePlus2, reviewer on the Play Store

Obtenga más información acerca del innovador administrador de contraseñas de Dashlane.

¿Tiene alguna pregunta acerca de Dashlane? Obtenga respuestas reales de clientes reales.

¿Por qué necesito tener Dashlane?

Best App Ever!

I used to have sheets of paper with my passwords on them. Such a pain! Now with Dashlane those sheets are gone and I feel secure that my passwords are safe. I also love the feature that auto enters your passwords at the web site. That is so much help and saves me so much time. The wallet feature also saves me a lot of time! I could not live without my Dashlane!!! Thank you so much!

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Great product, solves a big problem

I've been using Dashlane for a couple of years now. I have over 400 login credentials stored there, plus credit cards, passports, etc. It's not only solved the worrisome problem of having unique passwords for every web site, it's also a huge time saver thanks to the auto logon feature. I love having passwords synced across multiple PC's, iPhone, and iPad. And they keep adding features, such as the ability to share a password with a family member who also is a user. Great product.

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So Good.

Dashlane just makes my life so much easier and the fact that it works across several devices is perhaps the major benefit. After a recent hard drive crash it was a relief that at least all my passwords and site addresses reappeared the moment I reinstalled Dashlane and logged in. Impressed!

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¿Es seguro? ¿Protegerá mis cuentas?

Simple Secure Login

I really like Dashlane a lot!!! Now I can use super safe passwords and I don't have to write them down or remember them. Most people use the same password for multiple accounts, as we all do. No more! Now I'm safe and it's and easy - really like Dashlane a ton!!!

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They deliver what they promise

I have so many passwords that my life was ruined. Dashlane saved me, and my financial accounts are more secure. I am a self directed investor, and check my accounts daily.

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The perfect solution

The need to be secure smashes against the need for convenience. Dashlane solves that problem. The folks at Dashlane spend all their time being paranoid about online privacy and security and then create a way for me to follow good practices without the inconvenience of having to remember dozens of passwords. I've used it for years now and always recommend it to friends.

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¿Es fácil de configurar y usar?

So Easy

Dashlane is very simple to setup, and it takes the worry out of trying to come up with original passwords. It makes me feel more protected than any password saver I have used, and I like the option of always needing the master password. Their recommendation program has allowed me to keep cloud sync as well. Dashlane does not spam you with email, and although I have yet to need use it, if anything like the program, I am sure the customer service would be both simple and reliable.

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Makes Life Safer& Easier!

I have tried several password programs. Hands down, Dashlane is the most user friendly of them all! Browser plugins are very useful and security breach alerts help keep your information safe.

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Excellent, user-friendly, secure

Really pleased to use Dashlane. It is easy to use with user-intuitive screen. Also, secure enough that I can trust my financial passwords stored in Dashlane.

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¿Debería obtener Dashlane Premium?

Dashlane is great!

I have used Dashlane for a few years, and recently upgraded to Premium, and it was well worth it. Syncs across all my devices, and even new ones, quickly and easily.

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so easy and convenient

Dashlane makes life so easy. Premium is definitely worth it to be able to sync across devices.

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Favorite Password Manager!!!

It just works across my devices - its almost as if Apple designed it! I've been with them for almost 2 years now and have not looked back. I have been able to maintain the premium membership by sharing with y friends and family, but would pay for it if I run out of people to share it with.

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¿Dashlane funciona bien? ¿Es confiable?


I have been using Dashlane for almost a year and it is totally reliable. All my passwords and details are safely stored and the program never fails to insert the correct password into the correct box, especially those sites where I have requested an automatic login. It beats having to use printed lists to remember passwords.

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Super reliable

Desde los tiempos de Palm Pilot, he probado varios productos diseñados para guardar contraseñas o generar una base de datos de información confidencial. Al cambiar la tecnología, los productos cambiaron, pero con resultados diferentes. Dashlane es, por mucho, la mejor versión, ya que no solo proporciona un almacenamiento seguro en múltiples plataformas, sino que además es un medio para vincular la información con el objetivo de facilitar el proceso de ingreso. También utilizo ampliamente el generador de contraseñas, y el llenado automático del nombre y dirección.

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A trusted friend indeed

I was one of those folks will 30+ passwords written on a piece of paper that I carried with me as I traveled. That is, until I lost it. Enter Dashlane! I started using the Dashlane program almost 2 years ago and have been very pleased with its performance, reliability, and key features such as being able to automatically generate strong passwords of various lengths and with special character features. Its ability to hold secure notes and other information has come in handy on more than one occasion. Overall, the value -- and security -- Dashlane has provided me has been terrific!

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¿En qué dispositivos funciona Dashlane?

The Best

Simply the best password manager. Sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac is seamless across all. I love this app, and would be lost without it.

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Worth it!

I have tried out a few other password managers but I have stayed with dashlane for ease of use and other reasons. Needed something that would work on Android, OSX and windows without having to store passwords on a USB or dropbox encrypted files. I have well over 200 accounts and with dashlane I never have to remember a password.

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Awesome App. It works great.

I love it. It works as advertised. I don't have any issues. I use it with a Samsung S4 phone, Nexus 7 tablet and Windows 8.1 Dell laptop.

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¿Hay otras ventajas y funciones además de la administración de contraseñas?

Great App!

I love this app, not only for passwords, but for passport info, travel document info and just about any note about something that has to remain secure and important. I also like once I've signed in during the day if I sign in again I can use a passcode rather than the password.

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Couldn't be without it!

This app allows and indeed encourages you to have a unique password for each website\company one visits over time, safe in the knowledge that it all the information is secure and safe from other prying eyes. It also lets you store credit card details in the same secure way. The best bit is though that it allows you to make use of all this secure data by having Dashlane fill in standard address details, email addresses and even lets you choose which credit cards you want to use and then it fills in the card number, expiry date and 3 digit number on the back of the card without having to go into your wallet.

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Love Dashlane!

I wouldn't know what to do without it. I love how I can share passwords with my husband, I can choose to create my own and have Dashlane save it or I can have Dashlane create a password for me, and I can easily access any passwords on all my devices.

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¿En qué se diferencia Dashlane de otros administradores de contraseñas?

Wish I found it a long time ago!

Dashlane is great. I've purchased a number of password apps and none of them are as good or as intuitive as Dashlane. The app makes using my computer so much easier. Definitely a recommendation!

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Really great password manager

I've been using Dashlane since it has been released. I have also used: Roboform Everywhere, Lastpass, Keepass, and 1Password. Out of the online managers - my favorite by far is Dashlane. It is the easiest to use, which easily makes it worth the higher cost vs. Roboform Everywhere & Lastpass. $40/yr is a lot of money, but they keep the application current - with frequent updates to keep up with the latest browser releases. More importantly, they also appear to innovate before the other companies. To my knowledge, they were the first to offer an automated, bulk password change. Dashlane is highly recommended if you are looking for a multiplatform password manager.

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Dashlane is bar-none the most user friendly and secure home for all of your passwords.

There are many password security software services out there, but the creme always rises to the top. Last Pass and Dadhlane are the best, but where Dashlane wins out is its user interface - far more "consumer friendly". Security is solid and has all of the features you'd expect from a password manager. But it does so in a well laid out and easy to use manor. The free version is great for casual users. That being said, the Dashlane premium features, including cloud syncing between apps, is worth the measly $40 per year. This is a fantastic app and you should try the free version first if you're vasilating. You'll most likely upgrade to premium. This is a great software and I don't know how I'd live without it (aside from pen and pad :P).

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¿Cómo funciona Dashlane?

Sure makes things easier

How it works: I enter Dashlane with my Master Dashlane Password. Once in, Dashlane will create a new lengthy password for a new online site, and then when I revisit that site Dashlane fills in the username and password so that I don't have to keep looking it up each time I visit. This saves so much time! I've been using Dashlane for a long time and have never been hacked, and believe that using this program is safe. I also use my Master Dashlane Password to fill in my registered credit card information when ordering online. It's a great program.

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Great password keeper

Saves passwords from all your different web sites and updates from all my devices and means you actually can have a difficult to guess password as you can easily check what it was, if forgotten, or use Dashlane to log you in automatically. Only one master password to remember, or use your fingerprint on your iPhone.

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No worries

Best password app I have ever used! I have up to this date approximate 100 passwords both private and work-related accounts that constantly needs to be changed due to company security polices. I also help my father and mother to keep track of their private accounts that i administrate. My accounts and passwords keep growing and without dashlane I'm sure I would forgot the accounts I use and the passwords I need. Thanks to Dashlane I keep all my accounts updated on my work PC, Mac at home, Ipad and my Iphone automatically, no need to be on the same wifi or download upload and then restore the backup in order to keep all devices synchronized. Dashlane syncs everything automatically. Whenever I change a password Dashlane reminds me if I want to save the new password. I can choose if i want to be automatically logged in to any website and also have multiply accounts to the same webpage. For example my mothers icloud account, my fathers icloud account and my own icloud account. When ever I try to logon to icloud I can choose for what account I want to log on as. I also store secure notes I, and credit card information. If you like me have experienced bad password software you will most likely not be disappointed on Dashlane.

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