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Open Source

TS Event Bus

A lightweight distributed messaging system that allows several modules, potentially distributed over different runtime spaces to communicate through typed messages.

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A set of guidelines for web authors to help Dashlane - and the whole ecosystem of browser Web Extensions with it - interact better with their website.

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Well Known Password Changer

Instructions on how to integrate cleanly with password changer

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A CLI (built with Invoke) for creating, updating, and deleting dbt property files

Dashlane Blog

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How to Get Perfect UX by Setting Up Your Forms for Dashlane

Learn this tiny change you can make to your website for faster and even more reliable Dashlane integration.

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Developers, Help Us Help Your Users

Developers, it is now on you to improve autofill for your apps in order to improve the user experience for all customers

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Building a Webpack plugin to generate localized emails

At Dashlane we build most of our transactional emails and some marketing emails using basic HTML/CSS with a sprinkle of EJS templating for rendering variables...

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How to choose a more effective UI testing framework

Modern UI testing frameworks not only enhance our experience as developers — more importantly, our users will experience a more reliable interface.